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We at Red Cactus Events have put together our top 10 birthday activity ideas for adults or groups that fancy doing something a little bit different. Why should Kids have all the fun?

Whether it is for an 18th, 21st, 30th or 50th birthday we can tailor each event to your group’s needs, all our events are played by both males and females and mixed groups.

The majority of our activities are mobile so if you’re having a birthday or getting a group together in Swindon or Slough? no problem we can bring the event to you just let us know your requirements.

Let’s have a look at our top 10 unusual birthday activity ideas for adults!


1: Glow Sports

Glow Sports is our newest event and probably our most unusual event to date. Glow Sports is a brand new event concept where you play sport in the dark.

We often get people to say how can you play sports in the dark? That’s where we bring in the UV lights and fluorescent bibs that allow you to dance, dodge and play sport whilst lighting up the room.

Volleyball, Football, Dodgeball and Touch Rugby are just some of the events that you can play at a glow sports event. Imagine your groups faces as they arrive at our sports venue to find the sports hall blacked out and UV Neon face paint being passed around before a game of Football (more games available)

To check out more information visit our Glow Sports page.


2: Bubble MayHEM

Bubble MayHEM (more games less football) or Bubble Football have been around now for the last few years as one of the most popular but unusual birthday activities.

Bubble MayHEM is an alternative version of our Bubble Football format where we play more games like Bubble Relay, British Bulldog and Bubble Sumo and many more.

Prepare for your lungs to burn as you try to run, pick yourself up and calm yourself down from laughing at your friends as they attempt in vain to do the simplest of tasks.

To check out more information visit our Bubble MayHEM page.

3: Archery Combat

As a child bow’s and arrows were great fun to play with, as an adult you now have your chance to play real-life Archery Combat.

Shooting arrows at your friends may sound’s intimidating but before you scroll to the next activity let me fill you in on the equipment. The arrows are not from the middle age’s so do not contain metal tips, instead, the ends are foam-tipped arrows thus non-intimidating but still fly through the air with accuracy and give a large enough thud to know that you have been hit. Unlike paintball, however, the arrows rarely hurt on impact.

Played similar to dodgeball this event is great fun for groups of friends who are looking for a fun activity that has a competitive element.

To check out more information visit our Archery Combat page.

4: Old School Sports Day

This is our favourite Birthday activity event because its just so much fun. Old School Sports Day takes you back to the days when things were a little less complicated.

Split your group into teams, come dressed up ready to do battle or just turn up, Old School Sports Day is a competitive but fun event where you are pitted against each other in a battle to get that egg over the line before your comrade.

With nine games in total, the overall victors will celebrate while those who came second and third will not talk of the results again.

To check out more information visit our Old School Sports Day page.

5: Goggle Football

That’s right Goggle Football – its football with goggles on!

Ok, let me give you some more information the event runs the same as five a side football event but the difference being each player has a pair of visual impairment goggles.

These goggles that distort your vision so things look three times closer or three times further away depending on what goggles you have been given.

Things sound a bit more interesting now? To check out more information visit our Goggle Football page.

6: Quidditch

Quidditch? Yes, Quidditch. Do you fly? No.

Most of us have watched Harry Potter, Quidditch is a game where you fly around on a broomstick chasing after a golden snitch. Now you may be thinking I want to do that for my Birthday – Well the good news is you now can!

To check out more information visit our Quidditch page.


7: Extreme Dodgeball

Dodgeball has been a hit event for birthday activities Since the 2004 blockbuster starring Ben Stiller was aired. Who doesn’t remember playing dodgeball as a kid well now you can have another go as an adult and guess what it’s just as awesome.

To check out more information visit our Extreme Dodgeball page.

8: Electric Shock Football

Yes, this is legal – we have checked!

Imagine the ‘Shock’ on your friend’s faces when they turn up to an electric shock football event.

Check out the below video and our Electric Shock Event page for more information.

9: Foot Darts

A combination of the beautiful game and a British pub classic. Foot Darts is one of our favourites to combine with another activity for a two-hour multi-activity.

More than kicking a ball at a three-metre large dartboard – we have a series of games that are played alongside the traditional game.

Check out the below video and our Foot Darts page for more information.

10: Human Table Football

For all those table football fans it’s now time for the real thing. This is table football but on a massive scale!

We use a five-a-Side 3G pitch, with goals at each end. With up to eight players on each side, teams have to work together to score as many goals as they can.

Just like table football, players hold onto the ropes which run across the pitch – so if you want to move left to get the ball so do the others on your rope! Therefore, human table football requires even more teamwork and coordination than its real or table-top equivalent… Most of all though it is great fun!

With a referee thrown in for good measure to dish out any well-deserved red cards this really will be an entertaining activity to share with your friends.

Check out the below video and our Human Table Football page for more information.



Take a look at our other birthday activity ideas that can be tailored to your group. We offer a wide range of activities in more than 50 dedicated destinations across UK and Europe, the above activities are mobile so we can travel to you!

If you still have no idea, get help by talking to one of our expert advisors on 01235 330133.

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