fbpx Unusual Team Building Activities for a Work Christmas Party

You have been given the job of arranging the work Christmas party. The expectations are high – the pressure is on – what are you going to do?

Well after your initial panic has subsided its time to make a plan, first off we recommend researching options online before putting a proposal back to the team.

At Red Cactus Events we organise hundred’s of work Christmas party events each year and specialise in fun and unusual activities that will make you and your team laugh out loud.

We believe that the work Christmas party should be more than just turkey and alcohol so why not mix things up by starting the party with an event to be remembered.

So on to some ideas – we have compiled the top ten unusual activities to book for your work Christmas party.

1: Bubble Football

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving so organise a Bubble Football event before the standard work Christmas meal to give the team plenty of opportunities to give their boss and colleagues a few big hits that they weren’t expecting to receive to release some office tension.

We would advise against bringing a bull onto the playing field however……….

2: Old School Sports Day

This is our favourite Christmas party event because its just so much fun. Old School Sports Day takes you back to the days when things were a little less complicated.

Split the office into teams, come dressed up ready to do battle or just turn up, Old School Sports Day is a competitive but fun event where you are pitted against each other in a battle to get that egg over the line before your comrade.

With nine games in total the overall victors will celebrate while those who came second and third will not talk of the results again.

3: Archery Combat

What is Archery Combat?

Well its pretty much exactly what is says on the tin. Imagine yourself facing up against five members of your team they all have bows and arrows and essentially they are trying to hit you in a game played similar to dodgeball well that is Archery Combat.

Now that sounds quite intimidating but before you scroll to the next activity let me fill you in that those arrows do not have middle age metal tips but foam tipped arrows that are non-intimidating but still fly through the air with accuracy.

4: Goggle Football

That’s right Goggle Football – its football with goggles on!

Ok let me give you some more information the event runs the same as five a side football event but the difference being  each player has a pair of visual impairment goggles.

These goggles that distort your vision so things look three times closer or three times further away depending on what goggles you have been given.

Things sound a bit more interesting now?

To check out more information visit our Goggle Football Event page.

5: Escape Rooms

Everyone remembers the Crystal Maze show on TV, well its not the Crystal Maze but its a close alternative.

Team work really comes into play with an Escape Room event as you and your team are battling to solve the clues and ridles in order exit the room in the fastest time. People become highly competitive and the hour absoloutely flys by as solving one puzzle unlocks a new challenge.

See us pictured below after escaping from Escape Rooms in Oxford last Christmas!

escape rooms

6: Quidditch

Quidditch? Yes quidditch. Do you fly? No.

Most of us have watched Harry Potter, quidditch is a game where you fly around on a broomstick chasing after a golden snitch. Now you may be thinking I want to do that for my Christmas party. Well you can play quidditch but unfortunately there is no flying – to find out more information check out our quidditch event page.


7: Extreme Dodgeball

Dodgeball has been a hit event for pre-christmas meal activities Since the 2004 blockbuster starring Ben Stiller was aired. Who doesn’t remember playing dodgeball as a kid well now you can have another go as an adult and guess what its just as awesome.


8: Electric Shock Football

Yes this is legal – we have checked!

Imagine the ‘Shock’ on your teams face when they turn up to an electric shock football event for their Work Christmas event.

Check out the below video and our dedicated Electric Shock Event page for more information.

9: Laser Kombat

Laser Kombat is for kids you say – well yes but its awesome and better still adults can play.This event is perfect for your christmas party warm up or main event.

Our team headed over to Laser Combat in Oxford last month and we can honestly say hands down this activity is so much fun.

People change when they have that laser gun in there hands, they really come out of there shell as they dive round corners, do army rolls (no advised) and jump over obstacles (again not advised). Check us out all geared up and ready to go before the fun started!

laser kombat

10: Glow Sports

GlowSports you say well this is new – our newest event and probably our most unusual glow sports is a brand new event concept where you play sport in the dark.

How can you play sports in the dark you ask? That’s where the Glow Sports come in. UV lights and fluorescent bibs allow you to dance, dodge and play sport whilst lighting up the room.

Football, Dodgeball, Touch Rugby and Volleyball are just some of the events that you can play at a glow sports event.

Perfect before a Christmas night out or meal the team can gear up with face paints, glow in dark war masks and glow in the dark holly to turn this event festive.



Take a look at our other incredible Team Building ideas, which can be tailored to your group / client / company. We offer a wide range of activities in more than 50 destinations across the UK and Europe.

If you still have no idea, get help by talking to one of our expert advisors on 01235 330133.


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