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Red Cactus + Ecologi

We all know how important it is to take care of our planet. Greenhouse gases are at a 4.5 million year high, meaning it is now more important than ever to make the change to save our planet. Climate change is man-made, which means we all need to take the steps to improve our actions and make sure our home, Planet Earth, is still here for centuries to come.

To contribute to saving Planet Earth, Red Cactus Events have decided to partner with Ecologi. We know how important it is to make positive movements in climate change. Therefore, we want to make sure we’re helping not only us, but other companies improve their carbon footprint. There are 2 ways you can do this:

  1. We’ll plant 25 trees, which are mostly planted in Africa, with Ecologi for group bookings of 15 people or more. When considering your Corporate Gifting this year, you can add a gift of planting trees for your employees, showing them that not only do you care about and value them as employees, but you care about saving the planet we all live in.
  2. Purchase tonnes of carbon to offset alongside tree purchases. By purchasing carbon, you will be funding projects that help remove carbon from the atmosphere. Ecologi work on a number of amazing projects, which can be found here!

What Do Ecologi Do For Climate Change?

Now that you know how you can help, let us tell you a bit about Ecologi and what they do, so you know exactly what the outcome will be. Ecologi are working with both individuals and businesses to tackle the declining climate. They do this by:

  1. Allowing people to purchase and plant trees. Trees capture carbon, which reduces the amount of carbon in the air.
  2. Engaging companies in an employee carbon footprint offset. This is an initiative encouraging all employees to become more carbon positive, reducing their emissions in all aspects of their lives.
  3. Aiding companies in offsetting their business travel carbon footprint. Business trips are often unavoidable, and by offsetting their business travel carbon footprint, Ecologi are helping companies save the world we live in.

To learn more about Ecologi and what they do, check out their video below!

Check out our Ecologi page here!