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With warmer months fast approaching and Summer on the horizon, we’re sure you’ve been thinking about your Corporate Summer Party. With so much to consider, from numbers to location, it can be difficult finding an event that works for everyone! Well, don’t worry, because Red Cactus Events are here to save the day!

We’ve put together a list of Work Summer Party Ideas, and we’ve made sure we’ve covered everything, from exciting and competitive Team Building Events to relaxed and fun events! To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve even split the ideas into Indoor, Outdoor, and Virtual categories! So, without further ado, we present our Corporate Summer Party Ideas!

Indoor Corporate Summer Party Ideas

Even though Summer makes us all think of being outdoors in the sun, sometimes Team Building Events and Corporate Parties can be even better indoors! After all, we do live in England where weather can never be guaranteed. Better safe than sorry! Did you know that one of the best things about Indoor Activities is they can strengthen working relationships by bringing a more positive energy to the room? What’s not to love about that!

1. The Office Games: Interactive Gameshow

If you love a bit of Saturday Night TV, why not bring it to life with The Office Games! Go head-to-head in teams in games based on the game shows we all know and love! Your host, Mr Silver, will bring the buzz of a real game show to life as your team compete to become The Office Games Champions!
The Office Games will have your team laughing right until the end, keeping up that all important Team Building aspect! Why not add this event to your list for your next Corporate Summer Party?

2. CSI Experience

If you consider yourself a True Crime expert, put your detective skills to the test with the CSI Experience! Teams must work closely together to inspect clues, investigate leads and ultimately, solve a murder! However, you must be careful not to make any rash decisions! Once all forensic zones have been inspected, teams will need to present their findings and conclusion. Will they be right? Or would they be helping send an innocent person to prison?

3. Pub Olympics

If you’re looking for something competitive but not too active, then Pub Olympics is the perfect Team Event! With classic pub games there’s something for everyone, from Pub Skittles to Table Football and Darts. It is a party after all! This event can be run as a competitive event in a round robin style tournament, or as a freestyle event. You can truly make this event your own!
This is a great Team Building Event for your Corporate Summer Party as it gets teams talking and competing whilst having fun!

Outdoor Corporate Summer Party Ideas

When it comes to Summer Team Building, Outdoor Events are the best possible option. Being in the UK, it’s so rare to get warm and sunny months, so we should enjoy them whilst we can and take our Team Building outdoors! Did you know that Outdoor Team Building helps to increase productivity and improve office relationships? To add to the benefits of Outdoor Team Activities even more, getting outside lessens anxiety and improves your focus, leading to happier and healthier teams all round!

1. Old School Sports Day

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood memories with Old School Sports Day! On your marks, get set, go! In teams, take part in a range of nostalgic games including Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race, Three-Legged Race and Space Hoppers!
Cheer on your teammates as they race to become the Old School Sports Day Champions!
This is the perfect Team Building event for your next Corporate Summer Party, with a mixture of competition and games in the Summer sun! Get everyone involved and having fun in an Outdoor Event guaranteed to have everyone laughing all the way!

2. It’s A Knockout

It’s A Knockout is a mobile event full of fun, inflatables and madness! Based on the popular TV show, this Corporate version of It’s A Knockout has something for everyone and will definitely put smiles on faces!
Teams must compete head-to-head in a number of games and challenges, including activities such as bungee run, gladiator jousting, wacky races and the famous inflatable washing machines to name a few! Groups should expect to get wet for this event, which is perfect for Corporate Summer Parties as you’ll be able to have fun and cool off in the Summer heat as well!

3. Bonkers Team Games

If you’re looking for something fun and different for your next Corporate Summer Party, try our Bonkers Team Games event! It’s a Corporate / Team Building Event like no other!
With your space transformed into the Bonkers Arena, take part in several team games and races to win points! Teams must work together to become the Bonkers Champions! With games including a Giant Inflatable Sausage Race and Chicken Run Relay, what’s not to love?!

Virtual Corporate Summer Party Ideas

Now, as much as we all love Live Events, we know that they’re not always possible anymore. Many teams work from home and many companies have also expanded and have employees across the globe. This can make planning your next Corporate Party, where this is a Summer Party or any Team Building Event, difficult. However, thanks to lockdown, there a many Virtual Experiences that can bring your whole team together, or even allow you to hold a company-wide event! Did you know that Virtual Team Building helps to boost team morale and increase collaboration? If that’s not a reason to check out our Virtual Corporate Summer Party Ideas, what is?!

1. The Big Virtual Game Show

Take a nostalgic journey through your favourite game shows of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s with The Big Virtual Game Show! This interactive event is guaranteed to bring out your competitive side with lots of laughs along the way!Bring back the golden TV shows of yesteryear such as The Generation Game and Family Fortunes as you compete head-to-head in teams to score points for your team to become the Game Show Champions!

2. Virtual Cocktail Making

Celebrate your team’s hard work with a Virtual Cocktail Making Class with all cocktail ingredients included! If you need to boost team morale, or you’re just looking for a team social while your team can’t get together in person, a Virtual Cocktail Making Class is the perfect thing. Create three classic cocktails, including a Pornstar Martini and a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini and relax with your colleagues!
On the day, your mixologist will be ready and waiting for you. They will guide you through a fun 45 minute Cocktail Making Class and teach you fun facts about each cocktail.

3. Virtual Rogue Agent Escape Room

The MI5 has a mole and it’s up to you to uncover their identity in the Virtual Rogue Agent Escape Room! An MI5 Agent has gone rogue and has illegitimately been growing their personal art collection. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to use the government’s secret online portal to collect evidence and advise the agency of the Rogue Agent’s whereabouts. With 60 minutes to look at all the evidence, put together clues and pin down the Rogue Agent’s location, the race is on.
Try this engaging, exciting and competitive virtual experience for your Corporate Summer Party as you race to become the first to unmask the mole!

So there you have it! Our Work Summer Party Ideas, with something to fit everyone’s needs! There are benefits to each type of event, whether this is an Indoor Event, an Outdoor Activity or a Virtual Experience, meaning you can’t really go wrong! If none of these Summer Party Ideas take your fancy, you can check out our full range of experiences here! We have lots more to choose from, and would love to help you out with planning your 2022 Corporate Summer Party! Contact us here for more information!