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Football Zorbing

Football Zorbing

As crazy as its name suggests, Football Zorbing is a hilarious version of the beautiful game. Often known as Bubble Football or Zorb Football it’s popular with groups of all ages. Strap yourselves into your own one man body zorb and split off into teams. Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents sending them flying end over end in the process. When in control of the ball, if you can stop yourself howling with laughter for long enough, dribble it forward before smashing it home past the goalie. Beware, a barge could come from any direction!

You will have 60 minutes of playing time which is usually broken down into 40 minutes of Zorb Football which depending on group numbers can be run as a tournament. The Event starts off by getting everyone used to the Zorbs, which means running around bumping and crashing into people. This is great fun in itself, the instructor will rotate players on and off, it is quite physical and you’ll be happy for a breather.

The Football Zorbing then begins. Rules are the same as standard football except you are wearing a protective bubble and barging people to the floor isn’t frowned upon. Afterwards you will have a choice to play Bubble Football games which is great fun.


  • Event Coordinator who acts as a Referee
  • Pitch Hire
  • 10 Bubble Suits
  • Football Zorbing
  • Additional Football Zorbing Games like Sumo, British Bull Dog etc


  • Sports footwear is advised (no studs or moulded boots)
  • The majority of our events are held outdoors on 3G pitches
  • Subject to availability we have indoor facilities in set locations around the UK
  • Minimum group size of 10, if the number drops below 10 the price per person will increase
  • Groups of 10-19 players play for 60 minutes, 20-24 players play for 90 minutes and 25+ players play for 120 minutes


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