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Team Building

Taking your employees on a Team Building day can seem like a daunting task, but we promise it’s not!

Team Building is a fun and innovative way to improve communication and teamwork, and helps you to better connect with your teams. We know how difficult it can be to come up with ideas on how to motivate your employees to work together. Therefore, to make this easier for you, we’ve come up with the Top 10 Team Building ideas!

Top 10 Team Building Ideas

1. Old School Sports Day

If you want a team event filled with nostalgia and entertainment, Old School Sports Day is the corporate event for you! Combining competition and fun, Old School Sport Day motivates employees to work in teams to win a range of classic sports day games. These include favourites such as Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race and Space Hoppers!

Old School Sports Day

2. The Office Games: Interactive Gameshow

If you’re looking for something interactive and fun, The Office Games: Interactive Gameshow is for you! Employees are split into two teams by our professional host, and are then taken through a multitude of fan favourite games including Who Wants To Win A Million Points, Price It Right, and Countdown! Teams work together to win the virtual games and be crowned the Game Show Champions! This is the ultimate team Game Show.

3. Bonkers Team Games

Bonkers Team Games bring the whole workforce together in a Team Building event like no other! With a mixture of events from West Country Games and Old School Sports Day, Bonkers Team Games is the ultimate Team Building experience! Teams must work together to win games and challenges to gain points, such as Beanbag Balance and Tug of War! The team who wins the most points throughout the day are crowned the Bonkers Champions!

Team Building

4. CSI Experience

We all love a bit of true crime, so why not put your detective skills to the test and try the CSI Experience! The CSI Experience encourages employees to work together to find clues and solve the murder investigation! After that, teams must present their ideas to discover if they have cracked the case or if they’re sending an innocent man to jail! The winning team are amply rewarded, with medals and bubbly! The CSI Experience provides an alternative to the generic Team Building day, encouraging employees to think outside the box!

Team Building

5. Bakeathon

A mobile event that can be brought to any venue, Bakeathon provides a seamless Team Building experience that everyone will enjoy! Teams will work together to create the ultimate signature bakes and will compete to win the Bakeathon! Creativity, teamwork, presentation and taste are all important. However, the most important part of the Bakeathon is to bring employees together and have fun! The best part of the Bakeathon, is although a winner is announced, there are no losers as everyone can take their bakes home!

6. The Apprentices

Are you worth of Lord Alex Sweetex’s time? Prove your worth in The Apprentices! Employees are split into teams and take on fun business challenges, including Gift of the Gab and Shopping Channel Showdown! Work together to avoid hearing the words all those who face Lord Alex Sweetex dread…’You’re Fired!’. For a fun Team Building event that helps employees work together in an exciting work environment, The Apprentices could be the one for you!

The Apprentices Team Building

7. Crystal Challenge

To turn your Team Building event into an event like no other, take on the Crystal Challenge! Crystal Challenge has something for everyone, with four zones and the grand finale…the Crystal Challenge Dome! Employees must work together, mentally and physically, to gain crystals for their team. With a mix of competition and entertainment, Crystal Challenge will bring your team together for the ultimate Team Building event!

Team Building

8. Wall Street Traders

With high stakes competition that reflects the buzz of real life trading, Wall Street Traders is the perfect Team Building event! Firstly, teams must invest in several virtual companies, along with buying and selling shares to provide ultimate success! Communication and teamwork is the key to success, with teams experiencing the fluctuations of prices and discover if their investments were worth the while! After that, teams use the profits from these investments and trades to build the biggest corporate tower! If you’re looking for a fast paced and entertaining twist on Team Building, Wall Street Traders could be the event for you!

9. Soap Box Derby

If you’re looking for an alternative to the generic Team Building event, look no further! Soap Box Derby combines teamwork and innovation to encourage employees to build the best kart to get them round the crazy course! Teams must firstly work together to pitch for sponsorship. After that, teams must use the funds from their sponsorships to make their kart stand out amongst the crowd! With design, pitching, and racing, there’s something for everyone in the Soap Box Derby, guaranteeing your employees an enjoyable Corporate Away Day!

Team Building

10. Masterpiece

Help your employees bring out their inner artist with Masterpiece! With a creative twist on a Corporate Day, Masterpiece inspires employees to work together to create a bigger picture! Employees must firstly create individual canvasses, which teams place together to create a big picture! After that, employees engage in challenges to win points for their teams! Teams must then collect their supplies and recreate a selection of canvasses to create the bigger picture!

Team Building

So there you have it! Our top 10 Team Building ideas. Team Building and Corporate events are a great way to build some fun and memorable experiences with your team. Additionally, Team Building improves the efficiency and performance of work groups whilst inspiring high morale. If you’re considering a Team Building event or a Corporate away day, get in touch with us to build an event that your team will never forget! Although these are our top 10 Team Building ideas, we have also have a range of other activities! Click here to browse our full range of Team Building and Corporate experiences.