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Forget the usual events and get yourselves down to the farm for some fun and frolics in the fields and fresh air! Ooh aar! Guaranteed to have you rolling in the hay with laughter! Crazy games all scored with points, ready for a themed prize at the end!


  • Cider Run: Get as far as you can with yer perfect pint before the bungee brings you flying back!
  • Pitchfork Duel: Podium perched pitch fork prodding! Knock your opponnent off to win!
  • Wurzel Knockout: Avenge the band by firing cider apples at ’em with your slingshot!
  • West Country Wipeout: Jump on the pedal powered sweeper arm and knock ’em down! Total Wipeout, West Country style!
  • Vicky Pollard Handbags: ‘Yer but no but..’ ..Burbery handbags and fat suits, wrestle you opponent with your handbags to win!
  • Welly Wangin: Lob yer wellies into the targets! We’ll make sure they’s been wahsed first my luvvers!
  • Drunk Pub Skittles: Spin round the pole then try your hand at bowling!! watch your team mates wobble and stagger!
  • Mangold Danglin’: Bar skittles with your team mates on cider kegs?! You’re ‘avin a laugh!
  • Farmers Shower: Jus’ like mastermind for the stag or ‘en but with a gurt big bucket of Somerset slurry!


  • All participants must be aged 18 years and over
  • All Prices based on minimum group sizes of 8
  • Event lasts between 2-3 hours
  • Fancy dress welcome!
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