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Crystal Challenge

Crystal Challenge

Bringing the classic Crystal Maze TV show to life is the Crystal Challenge! Four Zones and the infamous Crystal Dome mean this activity will appeal to all age groups and abilities.


On arrival at your event space you will be greeted by the Maze Master! For those who haven’t seen the show, the Maze Master will give a quick rundown to let you know what you’re in for. This will be followed by a quick energiser which helps to break the ice and get everyone going! There are up to 8 activities spread out over 4 zones… Aztec, Futuristic, Medieval and Industrial. Each activity will be designed to test you either physically or mentally. Go head to head and win crystals for your team to move on to another challenge.

Once all teams have participated in the challenge it’s time for the finale…the Crystal Dome. Get inside and try and grab the gold ticker tape to get the most points. Be careful of the silver ticker tape as this could lose points for your team! Once your time is up the winners will be announced and your Crystal Challenge will be complete.


  • Event Manager – your main point of contact on the day
  • Maze Master – a professional, energetic host who will keep the spirits high
  • Games Crew – experienced and knowledgeable crew to help facilitate the games
  • AV Equipment – including music throughout the event
  • Prizes – medals for the winning team


  • Indoor or outdoor space
  • Access to power


  • Minimum group size of 10 people, unlimited maximum
  • Event Timings will depend on group size
  • Price dependent on group size, enquire for more details

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