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Wall Street Traders

Wall Street Traders

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Experience the buzz and intensity of the trading floor by trying out our Wall Street Traders event! Buy, sell, and take in the high stakes competition. This unique event features an authentic simulation of the world stock markets and the real life trading that operates on a daily basis. Teams will experience the highs and lows that come with the fluctuation of stock prices, in a game where communication and team work are the key to success!


The event begins with the Stock Brokers putting groups into teams before explaining how Wall Street Traders works. The event is designed to test business skills and build teamwork but is also fast paced to keep everyone on their toes. The aim of the game is to buy and sell shares and invest in different virtual companies to make profit.

When the trading bell rings for the first time, this signals the beginning of the trading window where you can buy and sell from the brokers. There will be live news feeds which can change the dynamic of the market. Teams will need to respond accordingly and start doing deals at the trading desks. Your team’s decision-making skills will be pushed to the limit throughout this event.

Once all trading windows have ended, teams can use their profits to buy building materials to build the biggest corporate tower! The winner will be the team with the biggest profit, bigger tower and best pitch!


  • Stock Broker Hosts
  • Themed Trading Floor
  • Event Management Team
  • Team Buyer and Seller Outfits
  • Team Construction Packs


  • Minimum group size of 10, maximum group size unlimited
  • Duration from 1-3 hours depending on group size
  • Price dependent on group size, enquire for more details
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