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How to Include Team Building in Meetings

Why Team Building in Meetings? Team Building in Meetings can be vital for success. Often, Team Events are arranged as a full day of activities, or even half a day. However, we don’t always have time for this, and they may not be what the team truly wants or needs. Sometimes Team Bonding can be […]

Horsenden Hill: A London Venue Like No Other

What is Horsenden Hill? Horsenden Hill is a venue in London that has everything you could possibly need! We know how difficult it can be to find a London venue to suit your needs, especially if you’re organising a large Corporate Event! Luckily for you, this venue is the answer to all of your problems! […]

Activity Spotlight: Crystal Challenge

What is Crystal Challenge? Bringing the classic Crystal Maze TV show to life is the Crystal Challenge! With four different themed zones to compete in, there’s something for everyone! In addition, each activity is designed to test you either physically or mentally. In this activity, you’ll go head-to-head and win crystals for your team! With […]

Activity Spotlight: Roman Races

What is Roman Races? Roman Races allows you to live the chariot races from the epic film Ben-Hur in real life! You’ll get to design and build your perfect horse and the accompanying chariot as you race against your colleagues! Upon arrival, the presiding Roman Emperor will greet you. Be kind to them, as they […]

Activity Spotlight: Bonkers Team Games

What is Bonkers Team Games? Bonkers Team Games is a Corporate / Team Building like no other! If you’re looking for something fun and competitive with a twist, this is the event for you! After meeting the friendly instructors, it’s time to go to the Bonkers Arena! Teams win points in the games and challenges […]

Activity Spotlight: Old School Sports Day

What is Old School Sports Day? If you’re looking for a fun and competitive event, look no further than Old School Sports Day! Relive your childhood memories in this amazing event! Groups are split into teams, and then it’s time start! You’ll get to take part in a range of nostalgic games including Egg & […]

Activity Spotlight: Eden Challenge

What is Eden Challenge? If you’re looking for a Team Building Activity with an environment twist, look no further than Eden Challenge! Build communities and travel around the world in a range of fun international challenges all the while learning about the environment. In order to build your community, groups must travel around the world […]

How to Engage Teams for Success

Why Engage your Teams? Whether you have one or multiple, finding ways to Engage Teams is essential! As of 2023, only 10% of employees are engaged in the workplace – you’ll want something a little higher for your team! Boosting engagement has multiple benefits, including increased productivity and higher employee retention. A happy team is […]

Inter-Departmental Team Building Benefits

What is Inter-Departmental Team Building? Inter-Departmental Team Building involves bringing two or more teams together in a Team Activity. This could be anything ranging from a food and beverage experience to a sporty experience. As long as it gets the teams together, that’s good enough! Inter-Departmental Team Building is hugely beneficial to companies for numerous […]

The Ultimate Stag Do Packing List

Why do you need a Stag Do Packing List? Why wouldn’t you need a Stag Do Packing List? You wouldn’t want to forget anything on the biggest night of yours or your friend’s life! When you’re packing it can be easy to be so excited about the trip that you forget the little things! Whether […]