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stag do packing list

Why do you need a Stag Do Packing List?

Why wouldn’t you need a Stag Do Packing List? You wouldn’t want to forget anything on the biggest night of yours or your friend’s life! When you’re packing it can be easy to be so excited about the trip that you forget the little things! Whether you’re going abroad for a Stag Weekend, or you’re going for a night out in a city, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of everything you could possibly need, so make sure you read carefully! You wouldn’t want to arrive only to find you’ve forgotten your most important item, do you?

Stag Do Packing List

stag do packing list

1. Clothes & Shoes

Probably an obvious one, but an essential one nonetheless. Are you going somewhere hot? Don’t forget the flip-flops! Need to dress smart? Don’t forget your belt and dress shoes! This one is really dependent on where you’re going, so our best advice is to pack appropriately!

2. Fancy Dress

This one is dependent on if you’re doing fancy dress or not. But our advice is to go for it! How many Stag Parties do you really get to go on? May as well make the most of it! Pack your best fancy dress to either embarrass or impress the guests! We recommend fancy dress for activities such as Stitch Up The Stag Life Drawing.

3. Phone & Charger

I mean, you probably don’t need reminding on this one, but just in case! Sometimes Stag Nights can take an unexpected turn, so it’s best to pack the charger! If you end up staying out longer than expected, you don’t want your phone to die and end up stranded with no way of getting back! If you need to charge your phone when you’re out, the best thing to pack is a portable charger! This way, you’ll never be caught out with 1%!

4. Plug Adapters

If you’re going abroad, this is an important one. Imagine getting all the way to your destination only to discover you’ve brought the wrong charger! The good news here is there’s loads of adapters available on Amazon, so they won’t be too difficult to find!

5. Money: Cash & Card!

We recommend bringing both cash and card on your Stag Night. Imagine if you lost your card? You’ll want the cash as a back up! No matter where you’re going, whether it’s abroad or on a night out, having emergency cash is never a bad idea! Additionally, if you are going abroad, make sure you have a card that you can use other countries! And if you’re bringing cash, make sure you get it changed to the local currency! It’s unlikely they’ll take a £10 note in Spain!

6. Deck of Cards

Some of the best games on a night out can come from a deck of cards! Whilst you’re in the bar and warming up for the night, a round of Ring of Fire (also known as Kings), or Ride the Bus might just get you started for the night! Never underestimate a deck of cards!

7. ID

Although this may seem obvious, we do have an addition that may not be so obvious. As well as bringing your physical ID, bring a print out of it as well! You wouldn’t believe how many people have lost their ID on a night out, so having a back up will never hurt!

8. Chewing Gum

You’ll thank us for this one the next morning! We do of course advise that you pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, but just in case!

9. Camera

Even though all our phones have cameras now, sometimes it’s fun to bring a disposable camera and see how the shots turn out! Not only will the outcome most likely be hilarious, but it will be a physical keepsake of one of the best nights of your life!

10. Snacks

Whether it’s for the journey, or just to rejuvenate yourself before you continue with the Stag Do, snacks are a must! We all get a bit peckish when we drink, so snacks are a great way to avoid paying for takeaways! More money for the drinks!

11. Painkillers

This one is a must. It’s likely you’ll wake up the next day with a pounding headache. You don’t want to be the one complaining all day about it! To avoid a scenario that could end up with some pretty mood Stags, make sure you bring enough to go around!

12. Sunglasses

This one is more for if you’re going abroad, but also for any Summer Stag Parties! Sunglasses are a must if you’re going to be out on a sunny day! Avoid the discomfort of the sun glaring in your face and enjoy a day of drinks and games with your friends!

If you’ve ticked everything you need off our Ultimate Stag Do Packing List, you should be good to go! To see all the activities that you could be packing for, check out our wide range of Stag Activities and see if there’s anything you might be able to add to your Stag Do! Popular Stag Do Ideas include the following –

Give your Stag an unforgettable last night of freedom by making sure he packs everything he needs and has the Stag Do to end all Stag Dos!