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What is Roman Races?

Roman Races allows you to live the chariot races from the epic film Ben-Hur in real life! You’ll get to design and build your perfect horse and the accompanying chariot as you race against your colleagues! Upon arrival, the presiding Roman Emperor will greet you. Be kind to them, as they are who you will need to gain sponsorship from! This sponsorship will provide you with the materials needed to bring your horse to life. As you experience the excitement, the thrills and the spills, make sure you keep an eye on your competition! Not everyone plays by the book, therefore you’ll need your wits about you as you take your horse galloping down the track!

Why is Roman Races Good for Team Building?

roman races

This activity provides a multitude of Team Building benefits. Firstly, and likely the most obvious, is it promotes teamwork and collaboration. Collaboration allows employees to understand and build on each other’s strengths. As you work to gain sponsorship, teams must collaborate to ensure you’re most likely to gain the much-needed funds! On top of this, you will need to collaborate as you work to build the horses and their chariots. Nobody wants to be left in a pile of materials, so it’s important that teams work together!

Additionally, this event encourages something that is vital in Team Building – fun! Although many Team Building activities provide certain benefits, ensuring your team are having fun is the best way to measure its success! Not only that, but fun Team Activities enhances company culture, something that many prospective and current employees value highly!

What’s Included & Venue Requirements

When it comes to Roman Races, there’s so much included we don’t know where to begin! Not only are all of the materials and equipment provided to create your horse and chariots, but there’s also a Roman Emperor host! The host creates an atmosphere you don’t want to miss out on! Did you know that this event also includes Gazebos? This means that you can protect yourself on those really sunny or really rainy days!

The venue requirements for this activity are pretty standard. Roman Races is a fully mobile event, which means it can come to your venue no matter where you are! All we need is a minimum 15m x 15m space for the race track, and an additional 5m x 5m space per team.

If you’re interested in Roman Races for your next Corporate Event, click here for more information! Alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form or contact us directly. We’ll help you out every step of the way to ensure your next Team Event is a big hit!

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