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What is Bonkers Team Games?

Bonkers Team Games is a Corporate / Team Building like no other! If you’re looking for something fun and competitive with a twist, this is the event for you! After meeting the friendly instructors, it’s time to go to the Bonkers Arena! Teams win points in the games and challenges and the winners are the team that scores the most points throughout the day! Encouragement and teamwork are vital here, as everyone competes to become the Bonkers Champions!

Why is Bonkers Team Games Good for Team Building?

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Firstly, Bonkers Team Games encourages the one thing that is most important in Team Building: teamwork. Without teamwork, what would be the point! When taking part in the games, you must work together and encourage each other, something that is vital in any work environment. Additionally, teams must also communicate with each other to achieve a shared goal. Did you know that communication engages employees, and a fully engaged workforce can deliver double the revenue? With stats like those, who wouldn’t want to take on this activity?

Furthermore, this activity encourages collaboration, something which is essential. 86% of executives feel that a lack of collaboration is the prime reason for company failures. Surely that means it’s time to book this activity to avoid just that! Nobody wants a company failure, or any type of failure! So, make sure you’re increasing collaboration to put yourself in the best position possible for success!

There’s so much that this event has to offer, so make sure you get it booked in ASAP to avoid disappointment!

What’s Included & Venue Requirements

One of the best things about this particular activity is there’s so much included! On top of a range of hilarious games, including Giant Inflatable Sausage Race and Chicken Run Relay, there’s so much more! You also get an experienced event coordinator, travel to your location, all of the equipment and inflatables you could need, public liability insurance and even an event presentation for the winners! Did we also mention winners medals?

As for venue requirements, it’s pretty simple for this one! All we need is a large, flat, open space that’s free of any obstacles. Access to power and onsite parking would be pretty good too!

If you’re interested in booking Bonkers Team Games for your next Team Event, click here for more information! Or alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form or contact us directly! We’ll help you out every step of the way to ensure your next Corporate Event is a huge success!

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