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eden challenge

What is Eden Challenge?

If you’re looking for a Team Building Activity with an environment twist, look no further than Eden Challenge! Build communities and travel around the world in a range of fun international challenges all the while learning about the environment. In order to build your community, groups must travel around the world where they will find a number of different challenges and tasks waiting for them. However, be mindful when selecting your model of transport, as each time you travel you incur damage to the environment! Keep an eye on your environment damage with a giant gauge which shows you how well you’re doing. In the green zone? Fantastic, you’re safe! However, make sure to keep a close eye on that gauge, as soon as as it hits red, recovery is the only option!

Why is Eden Challenge Good for Team Building?

eden challenge

Eden Challenge provides a huge range of benefits, and is the perfect Team Building challenge! Why, you ask? Well, firstly Eden Challenge engages teams with each other as they work towards one common goal: building a community. By working together, teams will also learn to communicate better with one another, something which is transferrable to the office.

Furthermore, groups will also learn to collaborate with each other. This helps to improve both efficiency and productivity. These two things combined can make the difference between success and failure, and are therefore vital for your team to learn!

Finally, Eden Challenge brings teams together with thing – fun! When colleagues have fun together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company, it creates a positive company culture that everyone is proud to be a part of!

What’s Included & Venue Requirements

When you book Eden Challenge, there’s plenty included! Not only do you get all of the equipment provided, giving you complete peace of mind, but you also get a professional presenter to guide you through the event!

Furthermore, this event is fully mobile, meaning it can be brought to your office or venue no matter where you are! So there’s no need to worry about lugging your team of 20 cross-country or your Team Bonding Day!

Want to hear more about Eden Challenge? Click here for all the information you could possible need on this activity! Or alternatively, you can contact us directly and we’ll help you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process for you and your team!