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Why Engage your Teams?

Whether you have one or multiple, finding ways to Engage Teams is essential! As of 2023, only 10% of employees are engaged in the workplace – you’ll want something a little higher for your team! Boosting engagement has multiple benefits, including increased productivity and higher employee retention. A happy team is a successful team, and engagement is a strong indicator of enjoyment in the workplace – don’t overlook it!

Ways to Engage Teams

engage teams

1. Recognise and Appreciate their Efforts

It can be easy for this one to slip the radar sometimes. But it shouldn’t! Recognising and appreciating your employees is one sure fire way to make sure they know you have noticed what they’re doing! By recognising your team, they’re likely to continue working to a high standard to receive the appreciation again! Show your team that you care, it could make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful team!

2. Organise Team Building Activities

Team Activities are a great way to bring teams together and to engage them with each other. Did you know that Team Building can increase communication amongst teams? This can lead them to learn new things about each other and therefore engage with each other! After all, isn’t that what Team Bonding is all about? These activities can be quarterly, annually, or just as an occasional event! In order to obtain optimal results, discuss with your team and learn how often these types of activities might benefit them!

3. Clear and Open Communication

You know the phrase “communication is key”? Well, pay attention, because it’s true! If your employees feel that your lines of communication are open, they’ll feel more engaged with you and their work. This is because they’ll know that you care and want to do their best! In addition to this, ensuring you are communicating your goals to your team will help them understand what they’re working towards! This too can increase engagement and lead to higher success,

4. Facilitate Growth

One of the best ways to engage teams is to facilitate their growth. When it comes to work and careers, everyone’s looking to grow in some way. By promoting internally and having regular salary reviews, teams and employees will know that you’re invested in their growth. This leads to them being more engaged as they want to achieve these goals that they now know are possible to them.

5. Trust Them!

If you watch over your teams every second of every day, they’re bound to feel like you don’t trust them! Simply by trusting in your employees and giving them space to work, they’re much more likely to be engaged and produce outstanding work! Although some people do work well under pressure, many don’t. So trust your employees! If you do, you’ll see a considerable improvement in their work!

Top 5 Activities to Engage Teams

1. Old School Sports Day

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood memories with Old School Sports Day! Once you split into teams, you will take part in a range of nostalgic games including Three-Legged Race and Space Hoppers. What’s not to love! With teams being colour-coded, just like the real thing, make sure you cheer on your teammates as they race to become the Old School Sports Day Champions!

2. Crystal Challenge

Bringing the classic TV show to life is the Crystal Challenge! Teams will compete in four zones, each designed to test you either mentally or physically. You will also go head-to-head to win crystals for your team! Once the challenges have been completed, it’s time for the finale…the Crystal Challenge Dome! Try and grab as many golden tickets as possible. However, watch out for the silver tickets! They may cost your team points!

3. The Office Games

If you love a bit of Saturday Night TV, why not bring it to life with The Office Games! Go head-to-head in a range of games based in the shows we all know and life. With an interactive host bringing the buzz of a game show to real life, what’s not to love! Do you think you have what it takes to win?

4. Teamopoly

Mr Monopoly welcomes you to this life-sized version of the world’s favourite board game! Navigate your way around the board by completing fun tasks, games and challenges! Whilst one person plays on the board, the rest of the team must earn cash by competing in different challenges and tasks. However, beware, as Teamopoly is a fast-paced game, meaning anything can change in the blink of an eye!

5. Escape The Office

Put your wits to the test in this mobile escape room as you race against the clock! Take your team on a journey solving clues and puzzles along the way! Once groups are split into teams, you will need to work our way through unique rooms and escape each one! Participants must look around, expect the unexpected, and think outside the box to be successful! Can you Escape The Office? There’s only one way to find out!

Hopefully you’re now confident how to best Engage Teams for success! To view our full range of activities to help you achieve your goals, click here!