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Cracked It Christmas Escape Room Game

Cracked It Christmas Escape Room Game

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Step into the world of the Cracked It Christmas Escape Room Game – a fusion of festive riddles and thrilling breakout challenges. Made by expert ex-Scotland Yard detectives, this game is perfect for teams wanting a special Christmas event. Whether it’s for team bonding or a different kind of Christmas party, this game promises fun, teamwork, and a touch of mystery.


Teams are split into “cell blocks” with up to eight players each. With the clock ticking, every team needs to find a way out to be the ones who “cracked it.”

The game is made up of three big challenges. In each part, teams work together to find one of the four needed digits – keys to get out. To escape, teams must complete tasks like making rope ladders, matching fingerprints, and solving puzzles and riddles. As time runs out, some teams will escape, while others will stay trapped. In the end, teams face a final test. Only the quickest and smartest will get past the guards and win.

This Christmas Escape Room Game is a mobile experience which can be brought to your office, conference event, corporate away day and more.


  • Professional Events Team
  • Event Briefing
  • Escape Room Game Equipment
  • Puzzles and Challenges
  • Medals for Winning Team


  • This is a mobile activity which will come to your own venue. If you do not have your own venue, let us know and we may be able to provide some recommendations
  • All teams will require a table and chairs (ideally in cabaret style)
  • A table will be required for event set up
  • Events team will require access at least an hour prior to event time to set up


  • This event is recommended for groups of 15 upwards
  • Recommended team sizes are 6-8 people per team
  • The duration is approximately one hour
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