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What is Company Culture?

Company Culture refers to the attitudes and behavioural norms of a company and its employees. This can include the policies, procedures, ethics and values of the business. One of the strongest elements of Company Culture, which also directly impacts employees, is the Work Environment. If a company has a positive Work Environment, employee engagement and retention will be higher. Additionally, a strong culture has been known to increase productivity and profits, with some companies seeing 4x faster revenue growth.

One way to improve Corporate Culture and build a positive environment for your employees is through Team Building.

5 Ways Team Building Can Enhance Company Culture

company culture

1. Improving employee engagement

One way in which Team Building is great at building a positive culture is through driving employee engagement. Team Building allows teams to work together in a way they never have before, allowing them to bond with each other. The closer the team are and the more they understand each other, the more likely they are to engage with each other. This helps to build a positive Work Environment. There are loads of activities to help with improving employee engagement, such as Old School Sports Day and The Office Games. These events help teams work together and build positive relationships. Therefore, they are more motivated to engage with each other and with their work, as they feel more invested in the company and the team.

2. Opening up communication

Team Building also helps teams to open up lines of communication. Sometimes it can be difficult to engage with other colleagues. Maybe they’re new and not yet comfortable within the team, or maybe they’re just not sure how to go about asking for help or for something they need. Communication is essential for a positive Company Culture, as it is vital for staff to feel that they can discuss anything with their colleagues or superiors. With only 13% of employees strongly agreeing that their company’s leadership communicates effectively, it is more vital than ever to ensure communication is open and possible for all team members. Team Building places groups in a different environment and teaches them how to communicate their needs to each other, helping to improve this skill.

3. Breaking down the hierarchy

Every workplace has a hierarchy, which can sometimes provide a barrier within the team. Are you maybe scared to ask your boss for something? Or do you maybe feel that you can only speak to them when necessary? Breaking down the hierarchy is essential for a positive Corporate Culture. It is vital that Senior Management are approachable so that if a team member needs help, they will be able to ask for it. This is something that Team Building is perfect for. Team Activities such as It’s A Knockout and Escape The Office help teams to see their management on a more equal level. The more they feel comfortable with the management, the more positive and open the Culture will be.

4. Learning each other’s strengths

In a team, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is important to remember that some people may have strengths you don’t expect. Maybe Darren from Accounting has some great sales tips for you. Or maybe Anna from HR has a strong eye for design. Team Building can help bring out these strengths by placing teams in a new environment. By engaging in activities such as Teamopoly, the job title is taken away, allowing you to see the person behind the role. Sometimes, job titles can be a barrier to seeing other strengths someone may bring to the team. By taking these titles away, everyone can interact on a more human level. This helps to build the team to be the strongest it can be!

5. Showing that it’s not all serious!

Now, we know that work is important, but it doesn’t always have to be serious! You can have fun at work, and Team Building is a great way to do this! The most important part of Company Culture, is you need to enjoy showing up to work every day. Events such as Soap Box Derby and Court Room Roast strip away the seriousness of work and allow the team to have fun! We all need a break every so often, and it’s important that your work provides this! Adding a Team Building Day to the calendar can give teams something to look forward to and can bring a sense of fun to the office!

company culture