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team building stigma

What is the Team Building Stigma?

It’s very easy to get stuck in the Team Building Stigma. As soon as you hear the words, you internally groan as you think of doing trust falls with your colleagues. We promise, there’s none of that here at Red Cactus Events! We’re all about getting you to have fun as a team to help you work more efficiently. If it’s not fun, there’s no point! Did you know that, when given the choice, just under 50% of people stated that they would opt out of Team Building Activities? This is exactly why we’re working to break down the stigma!

Team Bonding doesn’t need to be something to be dreaded, it can be a fun activity for the whole team to enjoy, and can even make the workplace somewhere your employees are happy to be! In short, Team Building can be whatever you want it to be, as long as your team are happy!

Ways to Break the Team Building Stigma

team building stigma

Get To Know Your Team

One of the best ways to break free from the typical Team Building idea that we know lots of people hold in their minds, is to get to know your team! Understanding who your team are and what they enjoy is vital to creating an unforgettable experience for them. Are they a foodie? Or do they maybe have a sporty side that you didn’t know about? Ultimately, finding something that at it’s core your team enjoy as a collective is the goal to a successful Corporate Event.

Don’t Force It

Exactly as the title says, don’t force it! After all, Team Bonding activities are 3.6x more likely to be enjoyed when they are optional. By understanding your team, you’ll be able to select an activity they like, meaning they’ll be more likely to opt to take part. However, if some individuals aren’t interested, that’s okay! It’s all about keeping your team happy. If they’re happier not getting involved, it’s important that they feel listened to and heard! After all, if they see that your company is the type to listen to employee needs, they may be more interested in taking part in the next event!

Choose The Right Activities

Selecting the right activities is essential when trying to break free from the Team Building Stigma. Do your team prefer a more relaxed environment? Take them for a food and beverage experience! Or if the weather is nice (for once!) and you think your team would enjoy an Outdoors Event, go for something in this range! They key to a successful Corporate Event is to listen to your team and select activities based on their wants and needs. As long as you do this, they’ll have a great time and will want to go again!

Have Fun!

This is the most essential part in breaking free from the Team Building Stigma. After all, if your team are not having fun, there’s no point! Team Activities don’t have to be about trust falls and putting puzzles together with some deep meaning about communication. You can learn the same lessons through fun and high energy activities that are much more engaging and enjoyable for the team.

Top 5 Activities to Break the Team Building Stigma

team building

1. Old School Sports Day

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood memories with Old School Sports Day! Once split into teams, you will get to take part in a range of nostalgic games including Sack Race, Three-Legged Race and Space Hoppers. Old School Sports Day is perfect for teams of all sizes and are great for keeping everyone involved!

2. The Office Games

Bring a bit of Saturday Night TV to your office with The Office Games! Teams must work together in this unique take on a variety of game shows. With an interactive host bringing the buzz of a real game show to life, what’s not to love! Go head-to-head to determine who will be The Office Games Champions!

3. CSI Experience

If you consider yourself a True Crime Documentary expert, put your detective skills to the test with the CSI Experience! Work together in teams to inspect clues, investigate leads and ultimately, solve a murder! After you have inspected all clues, you must then present your findings and conclusion. Will you be right? Or will you be helping send an innocent person to prison?

4. It’s A Knockout

This fully mobile event is full of fun, inflatables and madness! Based on the popular TV Show, It’s A Knockout has something for everyone that will definitely put a smile on faces! Groups are split into teams and then it’s time to get started! All challenges are head-to-head activities, keeping teams in competition throughout the whole event. Get ready to see activities such as gladiator jousting, wacky races and the famous inflatable washing machines!

5. Gin Tasting Masterclass and Meal

If your team love a Gin, this is the perfect experience! Sample a variety of Gins and Fever Tree tonics in this perfect ice-breaker activity! Gin Experts host each Masterclass, giving you all the knowledge you need to make your experience one to remember!

Now that we’ve reached the end of this blog, we hope you’ll be able to apply our tips and tricks to your team to break free from the stigma! Ultimately, we aim to bring fun and exciting activities to teams of all sizes to ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for everyone! If you’re not too sure on our Top Activity picks, make sure to check out our full range of experiences right here.