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Crime and Dine: Forensic Investigation

Crime and Dine: Forensic Investigation

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The Crime & Dine Forensic Investigation is a unique form of entertainment to accompany your lunch or dinner meal. Crafted by ex-Scotland Yard detectives, it’s an exciting blend of a team-building event with the thrill of a detective case. If you need a team activity or some Christmas Party entertainment, this activity promises to get the minds of your guests ticking!


Picture this: You’re enjoying your meal, and suddenly, news breaks – the CEO of a famous casino is no more, and it’s no accident. As you move from appetizer to main course, you’re also diving deep into clues and hints. But don’t worry, you won’t be doing it alone.

With guidance from a passionate trainer, you’ll step into the shoes of a forensic investigator. Learn how to dust for and analyze fingerprints. Dive into the intricacies of hair and fibre study. Even get hands-on with FBI-grade software to create photo fits of potential suspects. All these activities are perfectly timed to fit between your meal courses, ensuring a seamless dining and investigative experience.


  • Professional Events Team
  • Event Briefing
  • Murder Mystery Crime to Solve
  • Fingerprint Masterclass
  • Crime Scene Analysis Tasks
  • Medals for Winning Team


  • This event is recommended for groups of 15 upwards
  • Recommended team sizes are 7-8 people per team
  • This is a mobile event designed to be hosted around your pre-arranged lunch or dinner. Meals are not included in this experience
  • The Crime and Dine Forensic Investigation lasts approximately two hours
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