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Step into a thrilling game of strategy, trust, and deception with our Betrayers Team Building experience! Inspired by the pulse-pounding excitement of the hit BBC TV show Traitors, this activity will see your team engaging in tense challenges and deciphering puzzles and conundrums, all while unearthing the ‘Betrayers’ hidden amongst you. Will you uncover the Betrayers before the final round? Teamwork, intuition, and quick thinking are key in this unforgettable event.


As the event unfolds, teams go head-to-head in various challenges, testing both mental agility and physical prowess. From riddles to true/false questions, every correct answer fills your bank, but be cautious! Amongst your ranks lie the Betrayers, plotting your downfall. Identifying them becomes a thrilling game within the game, as you work to build trust and find hidden adversaries.

The stakes rise as teams face various challenges, cracking codes and solving enigmatic puzzles under intense time pressure. Expect Scavenger Hunts, Musical Challenges and tests of strategic thinking in this Traitors inspired Team Building event.

After each challenge follows a suspenseful round table, where unmasking the Betrayers can be the difference between victory and loss. This event will challenge teams to think outside the box and work together to uncover secrets and Betrayers!


  • Event Managment Team
  • Puzzles and Challenges
  • Medal Ceremony
  • Travel to your Venue


  • Minimum group size of 10 people is recommended for this event
  • This is an indoor event but can be adapted to outdoors if required
  • Your venue will need to have enough space for all participants with tables to hold event equipment

*We are not affiliated with the BBC TV Show in anyway

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