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VR Escape Room – La Casa Deniro

VR Escape Room – La Casa Deniro

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Dive into the world of the popular Netflix series “La Casa de Papel” with our VR Escape Room. Embrace the role of the show’s bank robbers, planning the ultimate heist. Guided by “El Professor,” navigate challenges and harness teamwork to achieve a non-violent success.

With a blend of real-world problem-solving and virtual challenges, communication is key. Can your team beat the clock, strategize, and secure the loot? Dive into the action with our immersive VR team-building experience!


  • VR Quest 2 headsets for each team
  • Tablets to cast VR video feed for each team
  • Game props for each team
  • Event coordinator


  • Exclusive indoor activity.
  • Setup and pack down: 45 minutes each.
  • Stable WiFi and power access mandatory.
  • Each team needs provided tables and chairs.
  • Offered Nationwide – this is a mobile event and can be hosted anywhere.
  • Event duration: 75 minutes.
  • Suitable for groups of 10 or more participants.
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    FAQs for the VR Escape Room – La Casa Deniro

    1. What exactly is the VR Escape Room – La Casa Deniro?
    The event is a unique team-building activity where participants are immersed in a virtual reality scenario reminiscent of the popular TV show, “La Casa de Papel.”

    2. Can we host this event outdoors?
    No, the experience is tailored specifically for indoor environments to ensure optimal VR functioning.

    3. How much prep time is needed before and after the event?
    We allocate 45 minutes for setup and another 45 minutes for pack down post-event.

    4. Are there any specific equipment requirements from our side?
    Only basic amenities like tables and chairs for each team. We’ll handle all VR equipment, game props, and tablets.

    5. How crucial is WiFi connectivity?
    It’s essential. The event relies heavily on stable WiFi connectivity for a seamless VR experience.

    6. What’s the duration of the entire VR experience?
    Participants can expect a gripping 75-minute adventure.

    7. Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?
    The event is curated for groups starting at 10 participants, with no defined maximum, though larger groups may require additional coordination.

    8. Do we need any prior experience with VR technology?
    Not at all! Our event coordinator will be there to guide you through the process, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the experience.

    9. How safe is the VR experience?
    Safety is a priority. Participants remain predominantly stationary, and we always provide comprehensive safety guidelines.

    10. What’s the next step to book or get more details?
    For reservations or more information, please contact our dedicated customer service team.