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Happy Sundaes

Happy Sundaes

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Give your team a treat with Happy Sundaes, an Apprentice style challenge where teams will need to use their creativity and marketing skills to pitch the best new ice cream flavour!


Happy Sundaes is a creative event that challenges teams to invent and produce a brand new ice cream flavour. Teams will be in charge of the invention, production, marketing and selling of their ice cream product.

Starting with the invention, teams can choose from a wide range of ingredients, including vegan and dairy free, to create their dream flavour. Will you choose the traditional sweet flavours or bring out the inner Heston Blumenthal and go more obscure?! Once ingredients are decided, teams will make their ice cream using high-quality ice cream-making machines.

With ice cream made, it then moves on to the Marketing department where teams will need to choose a catchy name and decide on an eye-catching design for the packaging. All ingredients are materials are priced so teams will need to watch their costs!

Once ready, it’s time for the pitch! Teams will need to work out who their target market is, the USPs of their product and a price before pitching their ice cream to a panel of judges and as a bit of fun, performing in their own advert!

Happy Sundaes is a fun twist on creative team building activities in that it gives teams the opportunity to manage every element of a product from start to finish.


  • Event Host and Instructors
  • Ingredients and Tools
  • Aprons, Gloves and Table Covers
  • Props and Costumes
  • Team Packs and Stationery
  • Novelty Prizes
  • Public Liability Insurance


  • A large open, indoor space (ideally a large meeting / conference room or hall)
  • Tables and chairs to seat participants in a cabaret style
  • Three tables for equipment (ideally long trestle tables)
  • Access to 13 amp plug socket


  • This event is suitable for groups from 20 – 100+.
  • Guests can be in teams of 5 – 8 people, even number of teams is required
  • The event duration is approximately 2 – 3 hours depending on group size
  • Event Team will require one hour set up time so will need venue access

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