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Charity Putt For A Purpose

Charity Putt For A Purpose

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Putt For A Purpose is an engaging and charitable team building activity that combines creativity, fun, and social responsibility. Not only will you have a fun and challenging team building experience, but you will also be making a difference in your community.


Putt For A Purpose aims to bring groups together to create a mini-golf course using items such as food tins and snack boxes. The activity begins with the participants being divided into teams. Each team is given a section of the course to build. The teams are given time to construct their mini-golf hole, using their creativity and resourcefulness to make it as challenging and exciting as possible.

Once every section is complete, the teams come together to play the entire course. The teams take turns to play, with each member of the team taking a shot. The team with the lowest score at the end of the game is declared the winner.

After the game, all the items used in building the course will be donated to a charitable cause. The donated items could be food tins, snack boxes, or any other items that could benefit a local charity or community center.

Overall, Putt For A Purpose is a fun and rewarding team building activity that promotes teamwork, creativity, and social responsibility. It is a great way to bring people together while making a positive impact on the community.


  • Event Management Team
  • Mini Golf Hole Base Construction
  • Materials to Build Course
  • Music
  • Medals and Bubbly for Winning Team


  • An indoor venue with plenty of open space (ideally a conference room or something similar with open space, not fixed seating)


  • Price will be dependent on group size
  • Duration of the event is approximately two – three hours
  • Venue is not included however, if you do require assistance, we may be able to recommend suitable venues

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