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Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build

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Welcome to the Charity Bike Build team building activity! In this activity, you’ll be supporting a charitable cause which can have a profound impact on individuals, teams, and organizations. Participating in activities such as the Charity Bike Build not only promotes teamwork, but also supports a worthwhile cause.


In this activity, your group will work together to complete a series of challenges that will earn you the materials you need to build bicycles. These challenges will test your creativity, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork.

On the day, groups will split into teams and will each have their own bike building workshop area with a bike stand, partly assembled bike and a tool kit. The event team will start the activity off with a welcome brief and explain which charity the completed bikes will be donated to. By working towards a common goal of building bicycles to donate to a local charity, teams can gain a sense of purpose and fulfillment by knowing that they are contributing to a cause that makes a difference in the lives of others.

If you don’t know the first thing about building bikes, it doesn’t matter! Staff will be on hand to guide you and you can send some of your team to on site knowledge workshops to get the knowledge they need to bring back to your team. Teams will need to think about everything from the finances for parts to the tools they will need. These can all be acquired by completing various mini team challenges.

Once your team have all their materials and with a bit of help from the event crew, the build can begin and your bikes will take shape. Once complete, they will be tested and certified by an engineer to ensure they are safe and ready to be donated. In some cases, the bike handover can be done on the same day so you can meet the people who will be benefitting from your creation which is such a worthwhile experience.

Engaging in team building activities for charity can boost morale, increase employee engagement and retention, and improve overall productivity. Furthermore, it can help to promote a positive image for the organization by demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility and community involvement. Ultimately, team building for charity can benefit both the team and the community in significant ways.


  • Event Management Team
  • Specialist Event Crew
  • Bikes
  • Bike Building Stands
  • Accessories and Decorations
  • Tool Kits
  • Tasks and Challenges
  • Charity Representative or Presentation
  • Delivery to desired charity


  • Either an indoor or outdoor space with plenty of space (preferable indoor space would be a conference room or something similar with open space, not fixed seating)


  • Price will be dependent on group size
  • Duration of the event is approximately two – three hours
  • Venue is not included however, if you do require assistance, we may be able to recommend suitable venues

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