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Organising a Team Building event can be difficult with so much to remember. That’s why we’ve put together the Ultimate Team Building Checklist! We want to make sure your events run smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. So make sure to go through our list and that you’ve got everything checked off!

What You Want to Get Out of the Experience

Possibly the most important aspect of organising a Team Bonding Day is to set out what you want to get out of the experience. This helps set the tone for the event and will help you select the right activities for you and your team. Are you hoping to get your team to communicate better with each other? Are you maybe trying to enhance your company culture? In case you’re a bit stuck here, check out our Benefits of Team Building blog to see what you can get out of the experience!

The Guest List

Now that you know what you want to gain from the experience, you need to know who you’re going to invite? Is this going to be an experience for just the marketing team? Or are you looking to do an inter-departmental event to get different teams communicating better with each other? Or are you going to go really big and organise a company-wide event? This is an important item to check off your list early on, as it could affect the location and which activities you select!

The Location

Selecting the location is essential in organising a Team Building Day. Are you going to stay where your office is located? Or are you going to treat your team to a Corporate Away Day in another part of the country? If you’re hosting a company-wide event and you’ve got offices in multiple locations, a central location such as Birmingham is a good option! And there’s always plenty to do in London!

team building location

The Activities

Now that you know where you’re going, who’s going and what you want to gain, it’s time to select the activities! This can be a long and difficult process. If you need a little guidance, Team Technology has put together a great guide on how to choose the right experience. Just in case you need a little inspiration, if you’re looking for something to build communication skills, Masterpiece could be the activity for you! Or if you’re just looking to give your team a bit of a break, treat them to a fun night of cocktails and food with Revolution Cocktail Making Class and Food Sharers!

The Time

Now that you’ve ticked a good few items off your Team Building Check List, it’s time for a bit of a boring one. The timing. Are you looking for a whole day event? Maybe you just want the morning or the afternoon? Timing can be tricky. With so many people on different schedules, you’ll want to make sure you get this one in the calendar well in advance! The last thing you want is to plan something on short notice just to find out nobody can attend!

The Equipment (if not provided)

Some activities have equipment included. More often than not, this will be the case. But on the off chance they don’t this is something you’ll want to check off your Team Building Check List! It’s always best to double-check that equipment is included. The last thing you want is to turn up on the day to find that your event can’t go ahead! If you’re organising your own Team Event and not going through an agency, this is something you’ll definitely need to think about.


Travel is something you’ll need to really consider. Do you want your team to make their own way and meet you at the location? Or are you going to organise transportation for everyone so you can travel as a group? This one is really personal preference, and truly depends on where your team is coming from. If you’re all travelling from different locations, you may want them to make their own way to the location. However, as this is a Company Event, you may want to ensure that your team are reimbursed for their travel.

Make Sure You’ve Sent the Details!

The last thing you want is to organise an amazing Team Experience, put everything into it, only to forget to invite everyone! So make sure you’ve sent the details to everyone and put the event in your team’s calendars!

Now that you’ve gone through the Team Building Checklist (I’m sure you’ve been ticking things off as you go!) you should be good to go! With the right activities and location, you’ll definitely be able to gain everything you’re hoping to from your Corporate Away Day!