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Live Murder Mystery

Live Murder Mystery

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Can you solve a whodunnit with a Live Murder Mystery? The perfect form of evening entertainment to keep your guests guessing!


A Live Murder Mystery is a brilliant, interactive experience featuring live actors in full character as you try and solve a murder! Whether you’re having drinks or dinner, the experience fits in perfectly as the actors can mingle with your guests. With various storylines to choose from, it will be up to you and your guests to speak with the characters and ask investigative questions.

Throughout the evening, the characters will provide more clues as they speak with people. Towards the end of the evening, there will be a dramatic ending to the story as the mystery comes to a conclusion!


  • Live Actors (minimum of 5 people)
  • Up to 3 Hour Experience
  • Travel to your Venue
  • Various Murder Mystery Themes


  • Midsummer Murders
  • Oscar Night
  • The Seance
  • Victorian Christmas
  • Modern Christmas
  • Halloween Ghosts
  • The Will Reading
  • The Curse of Queen Nefertitis Necklace
  • The Mystery of the Missing Mobster


  • This activity is best run around a meal or drinks evening to allow the actors time and space to mingle
  • If possible, a stage and microphone / PA system is preferable, particularly for large groups to allow for full interaction
  • A separate room will be required for actors to act as a Green Room / Breakout Room


  • Price is dependent on location and group size. Recommended for groups 30+
  • Please ensure your venue will permit the experience on site
  • The team will require an hour either side of the event to set up / take down
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