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Level Up Team Building Challenge

Level Up Team Building Challenge

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The Level Up Team Building Challenge is all about testing your teams abilities in a range of questions and challenges. Level Up can be played either in person with a remote host, hybrid or virtually.


This challenge combines interactive tasks and trivia with technology as you take part using a mobile smartphone app. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible in the allotted time!

Participants will split into teams and start off in a briefing led by a remote host. The aim of the game is for teams to compete in trivia, photo and video challenges. Each challenge completed will move teams to the next level, each level being more complex than the last. Tasks will be split into five categories – Creative, Cerebral, Observation, Physical and Pot Luck. Utilise your teams skills and talents for each level to have the best chance of scoring points.

At the end of the event, your remote host will gather you all together and announce the winning team! Your host will also give you a showcase of each teams challenge photos and videos just for fun!

This event is popular with global teams due to its inclusivity and ability to be run in a virtual or hybrid format.


  • Full Event either In Person, Virtual or Hybrid
  • Remote Host
  • Mobile Adventures smartphone App to participate
  • Questions and Challenges
  • Tech Support in Event

When playing in-person, it’s recommended to have a large screen so everyone can see your remote host for the briefing and wrap up.


  • Price per person is based on a minimum group size of six people
  • Level Up is approximately 90 minutes in duration allowing 30 minutes for briefing and wrap up.
  • Participants will need to download the Mobile Adventures smartphone app prior to the event to participate.
  • Everyone will need to have a computer/laptop or smartphone/tablet with camera and audio and a good internet connection to participate.
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    Level Up Team Building Challenge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Level Up Team Building Challenge?

    Level Up Team Building Challenge is an activity where you work as teams to complete challenges to work up levels and earn points. With the aim to get as far up the levels as possible and earn more points than any other team.

    1. Where does Level Up Team Building Challenge take place?

    Level Up Team Building Challenge takes place virtually! This can be ran hybrid (group is in the same room) or completely virtually (group use separate logins from separate spaces). This makes this activity a great option for international teams.

    1. Is Level Up Team Building Challenge a good activity for Team Building?

    Level Up Team Building Challenge is a great activity to use for Team Building as it requires teamwork to complete challenges and work up levels to earn as many points as possible.

    1. Do I need to bring anything to Level Up Team Building Challenge activity?

    You do not have to bring anything specific. However, we do recommend having general household items to hand due to some of the tasks (e.g. pens, paper ect).