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Around The World Challenge

Around The World Challenge

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Globe-trot around the world in the Virtual Around The World Challenge. Collect virtual air miles as you work with your team to complete tasks and challenges to get you to your next destination. Play either virtually, hybrid with colleagues elsewhere or in-person.


This challenge combines interactive tasks and trivia with technology as you take part using a mobile smartphone app.

Players will split into teams and start their journey in Argentina. By answering questions and completing photo and video tasks and challenges, teams will be rewarded with Travel Credits which will help them get to their next destination. Challenge can include things like demonstrating your Kung – Fu skills in China or using Google Maps to explore well known landmarks.

The aim of the game is to be the team that not only has the most Travel Credits but has also travelled the furthest distance around the world! There will be a live scoreboard throughout the event so at the end, your host will gather you all together and announce the winning team! Your host will also give you a showcase of each teams challenge photos and videos just for fun!


  • Full Event either Virtual, Hybrid or In-person
  • Remote Host
  • Mobile Adventures smartphone App to participate
  • Questions and Challenges
  • Tech Support in Event

When playing in-person, it’s recommended to have a large screen so everyone can see your remote host for the briefing and wrap up.


  • Price per person is based on a minimum group size of six people
  • Participants will need to download the Mobile Adventures smartphone app prior to the event to participate.
  • Everyone will need to have a computer/laptop or smartphone/tablet with camera and audio and a good internet connection to participate.
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