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Festive Macrame Decoration Workshop

Festive Macrame Decoration Workshop

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Welcome to our Festive Macrame Decoration Workshop, a delightful mobile activity where groups can immerse themselves in the art of macramé and create their own unique decorations to add a touch of handmade charm to the holiday season.


Led by a Workshop Instructor, this engaging event is perfect for Christmas parties, team bonding activities, or group get-togethers. With all the necessary Macrame Materials and Equipment at your disposal, you’ll explore the beautiful world of macramé, learning various knots and techniques to craft two styles of festive decorations that will adorn your homes with elegance and festive spirit.

Your friendly Instructor will introduce you to the captivating art of macramé. You will be guided through the process of creating stunning handmade chic tree decorations, using basic macramé knots and techniques that are easy to learn and apply. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some prior experience in crafting, this workshop is designed to cater to all skill levels, fostering a supportive and fun environment for everyone.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have not only acquired new macramé skills but also created two marvelous decorations that will become cherished ornaments on your Christmas tree.

So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues, and let the magic of macramé weave its spell on your festive celebrations. Whether you’re seeking a unique Christmas party experience or a creative way to bond with your team, our Festive Macrame Decoration Workshop promises an artistic adventure exploring the world of macramé.


  • Two Hour Workshop
  • Workshop Instructor
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Travel To Your Venue


  • Price is based on a minimum group size of 10 people booking
  • This is a mobile event to be hosted at your own venue. Your venue will need to have plug sockets and table space and chairs for all participants
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