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office christmas party

Why hold an Office Christmas Party?

Holding an Office Christmas Party has so many benefits! Not only does it provide your team with a much-needed reward at the end of the year, but it also can improve efficiency and productivity! If teams feel appreciated, they are 8x more likely to be engaged in the workplace! Now those are some stats that just can’t ignore!

Office Christmas Party Activities

office christmas party

1. The Office Games

If you love a bit of Saturday Night TV, why not bring it to life with The Office Games! Once you’ve been split into teams, it’s time to go head-to-head in a range of game show style games. However, there’s a festive twist! With an interactive host bringing the buzz of a game show to real life, what more could you want!

2. Christmas Murder Mystery

In one night, you will witness a murder and solve the crime! With a choice between two festive themes, this event can really be what you make it! You could pick A Twisted Christmas Carol, which takes you through Dickensian characters. Or perhaps a murder in Santa’s Grotto with Sleigh Bells Ring is more up your alley? The choice is yours!

3. Casino Night

If you want to bring a bit of Vegas Magic to your Office Christmas Party, then look no further! Once you’ve arrived, you’ll see your venue transformed into a private Casino! Additionally, there will be a number of tables with different games all ready to be played! However, as much as we all love gambling, nobody loses any money in this casino! Instead, you will play with Fun Money!

4. Tipsy Christmas Cocktail Masterclass

We all love a cocktail, especially at Christmas! So, why not learn how to shake up the festive season in this masterclass! Not only will you get to mix, shake and stir your way to creating 4 festive cocktails, but you’ll also have the run of the bar! The expert bartender will guide you through using the professional bar equipment to really give the experience that little something extra!

5. Festive Races

If you’re looking for a holiday event with a difference, then try Festive Races! Once you’ve arrived, see your venue transformed into A Day at the Races! With all the Race Night props you could think of, the only thing left is a festive twist! Enjoy reindeer races with the whole team and make your bets on who will come first!

Office Christmas Party Games

office christmas party

1. Christmas Bingo

If there’s any game that will get guests mingling, then it’s Christmas Bingo! First, create a Bingo Card full of festive descriptions, such as ‘Built a snowman this year’. Then, it’s time to get everyone talking! Go around and speak to as many people as you can and mark the square with players’ names that fit the discription. The first to get a full row yells Bingo and wins!

2. Ugliest Christmas Jumper Competition

We all love a Christmas Jumper. And we all know that some of them are down right ugly! So, why not lean into it and have an Ugliest Christmas Jumper Contest! Get your guests to come in their most hideous sweaters with the chance of winning a prize!

3. Festive Photobooth

We all love a photobooth, and what better way to keep some memories from this event! Set up a festive photobooth with all of the probs you could dream of! Plus, you could always print some off to hang up around the office! Reminding your team of the reward they received and the fun time you can have as a team is a great motivator!

4. Christmas Pub Quiz

To break up the party a bit and give people some more to do, why not have a Christmas Pub Quiz! Have your team pick their groups, or split them into groups, prior to the party and come up with some unique team names! Once you’ve arrived at the party, find your team and see who will be victorious in the quiz!

5. White Elephant Gift Exchange

If you’re not too sure what this is, a White Elephant Gift Exchange is a bit like Secret Santa, but more fun! Everyone must purchase a funny or silly gift and then place it in a pile at the party. Guests then pick a gift from the pile and see what they get! However, the next person to pick has the option of stealing gifts from other players!

We hope you’re now set to start planning your Office Christmas Party! If you’re still stuck for ideas, not to worry! You can find our full range of Christmas Party Activities right here!