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Virtual Crimbo Bingo

Virtual Crimbo Bingo

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Get Christmas going with a musical game of Virtual Crimbo Bingo! If your Virtual Christmas Party needs that party vibe then Crimbo Bingo is the perfect Christmas Party activity.


When you think Bingo, you think of numbers and dabbing your bing cards. With Crimbo Bingo, the numbers have been replaced with Christmas Songs…who doesn’t love Christmas Songs! If you’re looking for a December Christmas Party, this virtual event is bound to get your teams singing along to Christmas.

The way it works is each person will have their own unique bingo card via a QR code. The interactive bingo card is accessible on either a Smartphone, Tablet or PC/Laptop so is accessible for all participants. There will be two festive rounds in the traditional bingo format so prepare to hunt for one line, two lines and a full house! There will also be some surprise mini games thrown in as well as some novelty prizes for winners so your Crimbo Bingo party is a real crowd pleaser for your team.


  • Two Crimbo Bingo Games
  • Professional Crimbo Bingo Host
  • Surprise Mini Games
  • Six Novelty Prizes – three per round
  • Full pre event support and planning
  • In-game tech support


  • Minimum group size of 10 people and maximum group size of 40 people per event.
  • All guests will need to have a good internet connection and either a phone/tablet, laptop/computer or device with sound and a camera
  • Our platform of choice is Zoom which we set up and provide a link for
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    Why should you book Virtual Crimbo Bingo?

    Musical bingo is a fun icebreaker activity which can suit everyone. If you have team members working from home or dotted around the globe, Virtual Crimbo Bingo is a great way to socialise the team and boost morale.

    What do we need to take part in Virtual Crimbo Bingo?

    All participants would need a stable internet connection and either a laptop/ computer or smart device (mobile phone or tablet). A QR code will be provided to give everyone a unique online interactive bingo scorecard.

    How long does Virtual Crimbo Bingo run for?

    On average, Virtual Crimbo Bingo runs for approximately 75 minutes which includes a 15 minute introduction & approximately 60 mins of bingo and gameplay.

    What group sizes can play Virtual Crimbo Bingo?

    In one event, we can accommodate up to 500 participants. For larger groups, let us know and we will find a way to accommodate your group which may require the event to be run in a slightly different way.

    Are there set dates for this throughout December?

    There are no set dates however the majority of groups book Mondays-Fridays.

    If you would like to book for any Thursday or Friday in December, we do require a minimum group size therefore you must book for a minimum group size of 20 people.

    What platforms can Virtual Crimbo Bingo be performed on?

    Our preferred platform is Zoom as we have found this works best for functionality.

    Will groups be playing for prizes?

    Yes! Novelty prizes will be provided for both bingo rounds. If you have your own prizes you would like to offer, let us know and we can factor this in.