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The Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow

The Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow

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Christmas is coming with the Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow! Are you looking for something festive and fun to entertain your team this Christmas? For a different kind of Christmas Party this year, look no further!


This Christmas is a time for games and celebrations. Virtual events have taken the world by storm and Christmas is no different. Get your teams competitive juices flowing as part of your Virtual Christmas Party and book them in with the Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow. Battle it out in two teams in some of the UK’s most loved Gameshows. This virtual event is highly interactive and of course full of Christmas! Hosted on Zoom, your Gameshow host will deliver the event virtually from a professional studio setup using green screen technology. We also include personalisation with our Gameshow so ask for four photos of either your managers or colleagues to deliver a hilarious photo round!

Each Virtual Christmas Gameshow will include a mixture of the below games –

  • WTF (Who’s The Face) – Teams just need a pen and paper for a quick draw round in 60 seconds!
  • Celebrity Santa – Can you guess who the famous Santa is behind the face of your colleagues?
  • Christmas Conveyor Belt – Everyone remembers this Generation Game classic. Don’t forget the cuddly toy!
  • Seasonal Scavengers – Find as many items as you can before the clock runs out!
  • Festive Fortunes – Can you guess what our survey said? Find the most popular answers to win points for your team
  • Don’t Show Santa Your Teeth – If our host see’s your teeth when you give your answer, you’re out! Laughter is guaranteed.
  • Who Wants To Win A Million Points – The classic general knowledge game with a Christmas twist!


  • Professional HD studio setup with green screen
  • Professional Gameshow Event Host
  • Live Scoreboard
  • Full online Virtual Gameshow Event
  • Customisation for personalised rounds
  • Full pre event support and planning


  • Minimum group size of 10 people and maximum group size of 40 people per event. Larger groups can split into seperate sessions hosted at the same time.
  • All guests will require a pen and paper to participate
  • Our platform of choice is Zoom which we set up and provide a link for
  • All guests will need to have a good internet connection and either a laptop/computer or device with sound and a camera


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    Why should you book the Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow?

    If you have team members working from home or dotted around the globe, The Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow is a great way to get the team together for a bit of fun. The games have been designed to be a bit of fun so participants can expect fun and laughter and silliness! During the event, participants will take part in a number of mini-games that test knowledge, speed, memory and even arttistic ability!

    The Gameshow is designed to be interactive with lots of communication between participants and enthusiasm from our hosts.

    What do we need to take part in the Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow?

    All participants would need a stable internet connection and either a laptop/ computer or smart device (mobile phone or tablet). We also advise participants have a pen and paper handy.

    How long does the Christmas Gameshow run for?

    On average, the Gameshow runs for approximately 75 minutes which includes a 15 minute introduction & approximately 60 mins of games.

    10-15 minutes – Our host will welcome you to the Gameshow and brief you on what to expect and get you placed into two teams

    60 mins – Groups will compete head to head through a variety of mini Game Show style activities

    5 mins – The winning team will be announced and it will be time to say goodbye!

    What group sizes can play the Big Virtual Christmas Game Show?

    In one event, we can accommodate anything from 10 to 60 participants. For larger groups, we can run multiple events.

    Are there set dates for this throughout December?

    There are no set dates however the majority of groups book Mondays-Fridays.

    If you would like to book for any Thursday or Friday in December, we do require a minimum group size therefore you must book for a minimum group size of 20 people.

    What platforms can the Big Virtual Christmas Gameshow be performed on?

    Our preferred platform is Zoom however we can use MS Teams if that is a requirement.

    How is the Christmas Gameshow different to the standard Gameshow format?

    All the rounds have been redesigned to be more festive and have a Christmas focus. For example, ‘Seasonal Scavengers’ will have you hunting for Christmas items and ‘The Christmas Conveyer Belt’ will require you to remember a minimum of 12 Christmas themed items.