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Why Reading Team Building?

Reading is a stunning town with so much to offer. This makes it the perfect setting for your next Team Building Day! Whether you’re looking for an Outdoor Experience or an Indoor Activity, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect venue in Reading. Additionally, all of the wide open spaces mean you can really go big and organise a company-wide event if you want to! If you’re looking for something a bit more country, you can venture just outside the town to Sonning, which provides a stunning backdrop for any and all Team Events! There’s some pretty good pubs there too, which is a bonus!

With stunning views of the River Thames, and so many activities available, it can be difficult to beginning organising your Reading Team Building Day! Not to worry! This Ultimate Guide will help you along the way to ensure your event is a huge success!

Top 5 Reading Team Building Activities

There are so many activities available in Reading, it can be hard to know where to start! We know how overwhelming it can be, so to help you out, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Reading Team Building Activities. However, if these aren’t to your taste, no need to panic! You can find our full range of Team Activities right here.

1. Bubble Football

Yes, this really is as crazy as it sounds! Strap yourself into your own one man Bubble Suit and you’re off! In order to win the ball of your opponents, you’re going to want to use the more effective barge rather than tackle. You’ll send your opponents flying in the process, what could be more fun! However, beware, as when you have control of the ball a barge could come from any direction! Did you know that Barcelona FC enjoyed this event with us?

2. Old School Sports Day

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood memories with Old School Sports Day! With the colour coded bibs and headbands just like the real thing, you’ll be laughing all the way to the Head Teacher’s Office! In teams, you’ll take part in a range of nostalgic games including Sack Race, Three-Legged Race and Space Hoppers. Teams are encouraged to motivate and cheer each other on as they race to become the Old School Sports Day Champions1

3. Bottomless Pizza Making

Experience the taste of Italy with a Bottomless Pizza Making session! Your chef will show you the basics and advise what toppings combine well to make the ultimate pizza. With the added bonus of garlic pizza bread and two scoops of gelato, it couldn’t get any better right? Wrong! You can also enjoy bottomless drinks for 90 minutes! Now this really is the ultimate experience.

4. CSI Experience

We all love a bit of True Crime, don’t we. Consider yourself an expert? Well, now’s the time to put your detective skills to the test! Work together in teams to inspect clues, investigate leads and ultimately, solve a murder! You’ll be taken through different forensic zones to investigate clues such as blood spatter, hair and fibres and fingerprints. However, be careful not to make any rash decisions! You never know what the consequences could be. You must then present your conclusions. Will you be right? Or will you be sending an innocent person to prison?

5. Escape The Office

Can you Escape The Office? This mobile escape room puts your wits to the test in a race against the clock! You’ll be taken on a journey solving clues and puzzles along the way as you work to escape multiple rooms. Look around, expect the unexpected and think outside the box to be successful! In a place where communication is key, can you escape in time? Or will you be stick in the office forever? There’s only one way to find out!

Best Lunch / Dinner Spots for your Reading Team Building Day

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1. Coppa Club

Just outside of Reading in the village of Sonning-on-Thames sits Coppa Club, a stunning restaurant serving “unfussy European food”. With a selection of sumptious starters and delectable mains, you can’t go wrong! If you’d like to really step your Corporate Lunch up a notch, you can book a dome to eat in as you enjoy a private lunch in the gardens all year round!

2. The Botanist

Located in the heart of Reading is The Botanist, a botanical-themed restaurant serving a range of classics along with their famous hanging skewers! You can stop here any time of day, and can even pop in for brunch if that fits in with your schedule a bit better! You can’t go wrong with The Botanist, there’s something for everyone! It’s the perfect backdrop to your Reading Team Building Day.

3. London Street Brasserie

Overlooking the River Thames and set in the centre of Reading, London Street Brasserie offers stunning views and a delicious menu! Packed with a range of vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes, any and all dietary requirements are covered, meaning you don’t have to worry! You can just sit down and enjoy your Corporate Meal with your team!

4. Cafe Yolk

Now, this one is a brunch / lunch only option, but it’s one of the best! Set just outside of town, Cafe Yolk offers a range of amazing brunch and lunch options, letting you celebrate your Team Building day in style! There’s only one Cafe Yolk, so you don’t want to miss out!

5. The Bull Inn

We’re travelling back to Sonning for this one! The Bull Inn offers a stunning backdrop for your Corporate Lunch, with delicious and elegant meals! The best part about The Bull Inn, is you may run into a famous face or two, with this being a popular pub for a select few individuals! This isn’t guaranteed though, so really, you just don’t want to miss out on the food!

So there you have it! Our Ultimate Guide to Reading Team Building. With all of the activities and restaurants Reading has to offer, you wouldn’t want to miss out! If you’re still not sure where to start, or you didn’t like the look of the options we presented, not to worry! There’s a multitude of other restaurants in Reading, there’s truly something for everyone! You can also find our full range of Reading Team Building Events here. Alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form or contact us directly and we’ll help you every step of the way to ensure your Corporate Away Day is a huge success!