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Teamopoly is a life-sized version of the world’s favourite board game! Mr Monopoly will host your group as you navigate your way around the board by completing fun tasks, games and challenges!


Teamopoly can be either an indoor or outdoor event provided you have enough space for a giant Monopoly board! The event starts off with an introduction from Mr Monopoly himself who will explain the rules of the game. Once the game begins, teams will take it in turns to roll the giant dice across the board. Whilst one person is playing on the board, the rest of the team will need to go off and earn cash by competing in different challenges and tasks! Teamopoly is a fast paced game so things can change in the blink of an eye. Teams will need to earn money fast and try and acquire property which can then be traded in a trading session with other teams.

By the end of the game, teams can count up their assets and the host will announce the winners in a presentation complete with medals and bubbly! This event is a fun, fast paced activity which encourages communication and team work skills making it the perfect corporate event and team building activity.


  • Event Management Team
  • Teamopoly Board (4msq)
  • Giant Dice and Playing Pieces
  • Team Costumes
  • Event Host (Mr Monopoly)


  • Minimum group size of 10 participants
  • Duration from 2-3 hours depending on group size
  • Price dependent on group size, enquire for more details
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    Teamopoly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Teamopoly?

    Teamopoly is an activity based on the famous board game Monopoly. Where groups complete tasks to earn cash to buy properties while moving around the game board. The aim being to be collect more properties than other groups to become the overall winners.

    1. Where does Teamopoly take place?

    Teamopoly takes place at an venue that you have booked. This can be a venue such as a hotel or your offices (space permitting).

    1. Is Teamopoly a good activity for Team Building?

    Teamopoly is a great activity to use for Team Building as it requires team work to complete tasks to earn cash to acquire properties.

    1. Do I need to bring anything to Teamopoly activity?

    No, you do not need to bring anything. All equipment required to run the event will be brought by our staff. Including large game board, game pieces and Mr Monopoly host!