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Virtual Art Heist Escape Room

Virtual Art Heist Escape Room

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Can you and your group successfully escape our Virtual Art Heist Escape Room? Groups will need to work together to solve riddles, puzzles and tasks to escape a Virtual Escape Room!


Let’s set the scene. You’ve been invited to the top room of a top art gallery but once you arrive, you realise you’ve been locked in! It seems you’ve been framed for an Art Heist and you’re trapped while the real thief walks free. Race against time as you try and escape before the police arrive to read you your rights.

The event is managed virtually using Zoom and a mobile smartphone app which all participants would need to download prior to the event to participate. An event host will greet everyone in a main room before splitting you into teams of up to 5-6 people in breakout rooms. In your teams, it will be down to you to use your wits and intelligence to navigate the room virtually and complete the tasks via the app. The quickest team to complete all tasks and escape the room will be the winners!


  • Fully Managed Virtual Event
  • Remote Event Host
  • Mobile Smartphone App
  • Clues, Puzzles and Riddles
  • In Event Tech Support
  • Pre Event Support and Planning


  • All participants will need to download the Mobile Adventures app to participate in the Virtual Escape Room
  • Guests will need either a computer/laptop or phone /tablet device with sound and camera
  • All participants will require a good internet connection in order to have the best experience
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