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Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing Class

A Life Drawing Class is a great chance to hone your artistic skills and have a bit of fun! It’s the perfect ice-breaker for your Hen Party or event. With the guidance and vision of your model, you could create the next Michaelangelo masterpiece!


On arrival at your Life Drawing Class, you will be shown to your kits and prepare to release your inner Artist. Your Art Tutor will guide you to draw your model in a variety of different poses without blushing! If they’re feeling brave, the Hen or guest of honour can also join in with the poses for a bit more of a laugh! Life Drawing Classed are designed to be a bit of fun, not an Art Class so your tutor will give you different challenges with your drawing. Once your Hen Party is over, you can all compare your drawings and even pick the best likeness (or worst!). Life Drawing for Hen Parties isn’t designed to be a serious activity, it should be lots of fun and leave you laughing for the rest of the day!


  • 90 Minute Life Drawing Class
  • Private Room Hire
  • Art Tutor
  • Life Drawing Model (Male and Female Available)
  • Art Supplies including paper, charcoal sticks and pencils
  • Bottle of Wine for Guest of Honour


  • Include a Striptease from your Model for the Guest of Honour for an additional £10.00pp! (Available in certain locations)


  • Minimum group size of 10, if the number drops below 10 the price per person will increase
  • Venues for Life Drawing will be confirmed after booking. All venues are centrally located.
  • Can take place at your own venue, just let us know and we will provide a quote

From £29pp

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    Life Drawing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is Life Drawing?

      Life Drawing, otherwise known as Figure Drawing, is the act of drawing a living person. Usually, this person is a nude model. The idea behind Life Drawing is to study the human figure and to capture the energy of a living person in a piece of art. The reason why the models are typically nude is simply because clothes are inanimate objects and would therefore take away from the essence of Life Drawing!

    2. Where does Life Drawing take place?

      Life Drawing takes place in a number of locations across the UK. To see if there’s a Life Drawing class near you, enter your location to find out! Alternatively, we also have a Virtual Life Drawing Class that can be done from anywhere!

    3. Do you have to be good at art to do Life Drawing?

      Absolutely not! Although an artistic flare may be useful in a Life Drawing Class, the main goal is to have fun! Figure Drawing Classes aren’t designed to be serious, but should be a bit of fun, so don’t worry too much if you’re no Picasso!

    4. What happens in a Life Drawing Class?

      In a typical Life Drawing Class, once you arrive, you will be guided through drawing your model. The model will pose in a number of different ways to provide some variety to your Figure Drawing Class and to allow you to hone your skills! Your Art Tutor will give you an array of challenges for your drawing to challenge your inner artist! There’s even the chance for the Guest of Honour to join in with the poses, but this is entirely optional! Once your artwork is complete, you can all compare your drawings, wrapping up your Life Drawing Class with lots of laughs!

    5. Is Life Drawing good for a Hen Party?

      If there’s anything Life Drawing is perfect for, it’s a Hen Party! With lots of laughs and fun for the bride-to-be and friends, what’s not to love!

    6. Can you do Life Drawing on a Stag Do?

      You can absolutely do Life Drawing on a Stag Do! Both male and female models are available, and art has no gender! Life Drawing is perfect for Stag Do’s if you’re looking for an activity that’s a bit of fun and that allows you to show off your inner DaVinci, Life Drawing is the perfect addition to your Stag Do!

    7. What is the history of Life Drawing?

      Figure Drawing dates all the way back to the 5th Century BCE, when Greek painter Zeuxius selected women to be models for him to paint. Life Drawing appeared again in the Renaissance, where Michaelangelo would create figures from nude models, ‘clothing’ them after in the final piece of art. The early Baroque era saw the creation of artistic academies, where artists would study Figure Drawing. The Académie de Peinture et de Sculpture in Paris developed their curriculum at a rapid rate; by the late 1700s, Life Drawing was integral to the curriculum. Now, not only is Figure Drawing studies in art academies, but it is also a fun activity for anyone to take part in!

    8. What do I need to bring to a Life Drawing Class?

      No need to worry about bringing anything! All of the supplies you need to create your Life Drawing masterpiece will be supplied for you. All you need to bring is yourself and your enthusiasm! If you’ve opted for the Virtual Life Drawing Class, the standard package does not include supplies and you must supply these yourself. However, if you’d like to upgrade your package to include a Standard Drawing Kit, this is possible for an additional cost!