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Have a look at a few ideas we think your hen will fall in love with! With activities to suit every group, there will be an activity here you are going to want to try!

1.Life Drawing Classes

life drawing

A Life Drawing Class is the perfect way to break the ice if you are planning a Hen Party, if you have guests that are not known to each other this is a perfect activity to do to get everyone talking and laughing – I mean what else will get people talking more than drawing a naked individual? You’ll have a model and instructor there to take you through the process and to create your own masterpiece. On arrival, you will be shown to the area and will be given art supplies to ensure you have everything you need to be as artistic as possible! The Hen or Guest of Honour can join in on the poses if they’re feeling extra brave! Life Drawing Classes are there for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken too seriously, it should be a funny, different activity that is slightly different to the norm! If you want an even cheekier activity, this can be upgraded to a Striptease Life Drawing Class which explains it all in the name…

2. Old School Sports Day

Old School Sports Day

This is an activity that everyone will love, even the people who didn’t particularly enjoy sports when they were at school! If your hen group have known each other a while and have developed a competitive side, this is the activity for you. You’ll be hit with nostalgia when you are taking part in the different activities which include Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race and Tug of War! The Sports Day has an activity that everyone will love, we can even provide a Mr and Mrs Quiz halfway through the games! If you’re looking for an activity to relive your childhood memories, you should consider booking Sports Day.

3. Bubble MayHEN

bubble mayhen

Bubble MayHEN – The activity that will have you bumping, rolling, and falling over in hysterics! You’ll start the activity with a quick safety briefing, then the fun really does start – you’ll be strapped into a zorbing ball and split into teams, it is only the top half of your body in the zorbing ball so your legs will still be out; ensuring you have perfect opportunities to run at your opposing team and barge them out the way! The aim of the game is to steal the football from your opponents, sending them flying in the process. It really is an activity that must be seen to know just how funny it is. You’ll round off the game of football with some games made especially for hen parties, including Bump the Bride, and Last Woman Standing. We can also provide a Mr and Mrs Quiz halfway through the games for you to break the games up a little bit!

4. Archery MayHEN

Archery Mayhen

Can you think of any activity that is completely different from anything you’ve ever done before? Is this the type of activity you want for your hen do? Put your accuracy and seeker skills to the test and get involved with our Archery MayHEN activity, especially created with Hens in mind! We will include different games such as Medic, Capture the Flag and Last One Standing to see which member of the hen party can release their inner Robin Hood the best! Could it be you?

5. Dirty Dancing Dance Class

Dirty Dancing Dance Class

If you’re a fan of the film or you just want to take part in an activity that will make you laugh, is something new or just want to dance, the Dirty Dancing Dance Class is one for you to take part in. This dance class will leave you feeling like Baby, and you really will have the time of your life! There will be iconic routines from the film, alongside salsa and cha-cha! This activity is for any level of dancer, even if you’ve never danced before, this activity isn’t too serious and is there to get everyone laughing. We recommend getting dressed up as your favourite character in the film to really get into the role! 

6. Spice Girls Dance Class

Spice Girls Dance Class

Get your union jack dress on and come and dance to your favourite hits from the mid 90’s! Did you ever wish you were part of this group? If you’re looking for something to spice up the hen do, then look no further than the Spice Girls Dance Class! The class will be run by a professional choreographer who will run through different dance routines from some of their best hits – Wannabe, Stop and more! You’ll be taught each move step by step so don’t be afraid if you aren’t a professional dancer – this activity is for all levels. We do recommend getting dressed up in different spice girl looks, how about Scary Spice, a bit of leopard print or Baby Spice, with the iconic hair in pigtails look?!

7. Bar Crawl Buffs

Bar crawl Buffs

If you’re looking for something a bit cheeky for your bride but not anything too raunchy, look no further than Bar Crawl Buffs. The buffs will be your chaperones for the evening, taking you on a bar crawl, taking part in shots, dares, games, and forfeits! This bar crawl takes the hen party to some of the most established bars in the city of your choice and you will receive a complimentary shot on arrival at every bar! When the bar crawl is finished, it is time for the male chaperones to leave but not before they drop you off at a nightclub. Be careful to pace yourself though as you can be refused entry to any bars and the nightclub should the door staff think you’re too intoxicated!

8. Afternoon Tease

Afternoon tease

If you’re looking for something traditional such as an afternoon tea but would like an afternoon tea suitable for a hen party, you have come to the right place with Afternoon Tease. Think sandwiches, cakes, tea, coffee, and a 90-minute personal butler in the buff all washed down with a nice glass of bubbly! The butler will be there on hand for your group, serving your food, pouring the drinks, and even playing games should this be something you would like to do. Their job is to be there ensuring the hen party is having the best time. What else would a hen party in the UK need?

9. Olympic Shames

Olympic Shames

We’ve discussed Sports Day, but are you ready for Olympic Shames? The biggest icebreaker activity we sell, these are activities you would not have played when you were younger! Take part in different games such as Twerk Off, Do Your Balls Hang Low, Is It In Yet and More! The names of the games give this activity away, it really does need to be seen to be believed just how funny it really is. Have you ever seen your mum in a twerk off with your best mate? I didn’t think so! The games will be so hilarious even nan will be blushing!

10. Private Chef

Private Chef

Everyone’s looking for something different for their Hen Do! Some may want a touch of class, if you’re in your own self-catered accommodation why not try booking a Private Chef? They will take care of all the cooking, dishing up and cleaning so you do not have to worry about anything, nor will you have to lift a finger. You’ll be presented with a tasty feast, fit for a queen! We have a range of menus to suit different parties, a few menus include Thai, Italian, Spanish Tapas, Classic British, and we also offer Tasting Menu’s if you’re looking for something really special. If you’re feeling a bit worse for wear in the morning after a heavy night, our chefs can also come and cook up a lovely breakfast platter for you – there’s nothing worse than cooking for yourself when you’ve had a heavy night!

11. Quad Biking

Quad Biking

Do you have an adrenaline junkie within your group? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Quad Biking is the perfect activity for adventure seeking groups! People think Quad Biking and Stag Groups, but this activity has become extremely popular within the Hen community! This can be made into a game amongst your group also, who is driving the slowest? Who was the fastest to go over that bump or through that puddle, its great fun for everybody. You’ll be riding on 300cc quad bikes through tracks and wooded areas, through terrains and hills, over bumps and humps! This can also be upgraded to a Multi Activity Adrenaline Activity – just ask a member of the team for details when enquiring!

12. Scavenger Hunt Time Bomb

Scavenger Hunt Time Bomb

A different version of a Scavenger Hunt ran by the Hunter King! You’ll start off in a Zoom Call with said Hunter King, who will give you your game instructions. You’ll then need to visit different landmarks around your chosen city, taking photos, you’ll then need to send these across to the Hunter King, so you are able to continue with the game and receive your next clues. Do you think you have what it takes to win the game before the hour is up? You’ll be presented with a photo collage keepsake and virtual certificate for completing the game!

13. Rave Dance Off

Rave Dance Off

Get ready to rave your socks off for 90 minutes! This activity will include glow sticks and rave music so you can really get into the dance off vibes. This will be a mini rave during the day in a private function room, the lights will be turned off and we will pump up the music for you to get ready for your very own dance off! Song choices can include anything you want, this can be jungle, house, dnb, techno and more! We encourage people not to take this activity too seriously and to give it their all to see which member of the hen party wins!

14. The Drag Lip Sync Experience

The Drag Lip Sync Experience

Get ready to Sissy That Walk and Lip Sync for your life! You’ll re-enact all your favourite Lip Sync Battles, walking the catwalk and have a dance teacher helping you to learn the famous dance moves – do you think you have what it takes to conquer the Death Drop? Let your other hen friends be jealous of your boogie – the Drag Lip Sync Experience is a must for a hen do (just ask Ru Paul yourself)

15. Silent Disco Walking Tour

Silent Disco Walking Tour

The Silent Disco Walking Tour is an all singing, all dancing experience which is exactly what it says in the name – it’s a silent disco, walking tour. You’ll meet your host at a city centre meeting point, you’ll then be provided with headphones and then you’ll get ready to dance and sing yourself down the streets of your chosen city! If you’ve ever wanted to dance and sing like nobody’s watching, be part of a flash mob or just try something out of the ordinary then the Silent Disco Walking Tour is for you. You’ll be on a walking tour seeing famous landmarks, but you’ll be doing it in an unusual way – dancing and singing without a care in the world!

16. Nipple Tassel Making Workshop

Nipple Tassel Making Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity for you to make your own nipple tassels – you can decide on the shape, colour, size, and finish! This workshop is bound to get people in the group laughing due to the nature of the activity, you’ll have a wide range of supplies to choose from, lots of colours, different types of fabrics and everyone in the group will receive a keepsake to take home with. This is a cheekier activity for those hens wanting something a little different to a life drawing class or afternoon tease!

17. Fascinator Making Workshop

Fascinator Making Workshop

If you have not yet decided on a hairpiece for the big day then look no further than the Fascinator Making Workshop, this activity will allow you to create gorgeous fascinators using different fabrics, feathers, pearls, ribbons, buttons, and more! You’ll be taught a range of assembling techniques to create your own fascinator. The unique part of this activity is that you can let your host know beforehand if there are certain fabrics or colours you would like your fascinator to be, and they will bring this along for you on the day!

18. Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

If you’re looking for an evening activity but want something different to cocktail making or a meal out, a Murder Mystery could be an idea for you. A Murder Mystery Night is a brilliant icebreaker for groups as its full of entertainment and comedy! You’ll witness a murder, solve a crime and be in hysterics. You’ll have two actors present with you who will lead you through the story, as you find evidence to find out who committed the crime! The Murder Mystery will coincide with a two or three course meal (depending how hungry you are after all the investigating!) with the show being performed after and in between the courses. There are a few different shows to choose from, but we recommend The Hollywood Hen Party for Hen groups!

19. Mobile Pamper Party

Mobile Pamper Party

If you have your own accommodation and want a little bit of pampering, relax with our beauty therapists who will bring the pamper party to you! We will send at last two beauticians out to you who will provide a 20 – 30-minute mini treatment for each member of the hen group, you can choose from a Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Shoulder or Back Massage.  This is an ideal activity for hen groups who are feeling a little worse for wear after the night before!

20. Body Painting

Body Painting

Body Painting is a creative out of the ordinary activity there for hens with a bit of an artistic side! The activity will last for approximately 60 minutes, and you will be met by a model who will be your canvas throughout the session! All paint brushes, paint and sponges will be available for your use throughout the session. At the end of your session, you can take a photo of your masterpiece as a keepsake to take home with you! Let your creative personalities flourish as you try an activity you ay never have done before or maybe never even heard of! 

21. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing

If you’re looking for an activity for all age groups that is a bit different, why not try out Pole Dancing? Pole Dancing is the type of activity that will keep you fit but will also have you enjoying yourself. On arrival, you’ll meet your instructor who will go through a warmup with you, then the fun will start as you are taught different moves and get on the pole! You’ll also receive one free drink per person – why not give it a go?

22. Dominatrix Lesson

Dominatrix Lesson

Have you always wanted to get into the world of BDSM but not known how or what to do? This Dominatrix lesson is for you. You’ll go through the basics of BDSM and then be able to practice your newfound dominatrix skills on a ‘slave’ who will be there to agree to your every demand! Props will also be included for this activity.

23. West Country Games

West Country Games

A proper country bumpkin activity, you’ll be taking part in different games such as Cider Run, Pitchfork Duel, Mangold Danglin and Welly Wangin! Get down the farm and try and score as many points as you can, there will also be a themed prize at the end! If you’ve ever wanted to be a farmer for the day out in the British countryside, come and try this two-hour activity – we’ll guarantee you’ll be rolling in the hay with laughter!

24. Boot Camp

Boot Camp

If you’re looking for a sporty activity, Boot Camp will be just right! You’ll take part in a mini circuit challenge with activities such as, Log Carry, Tyre Carry and Hurdles. You’ll need to work together when you take part in Blindfolded Minefield – how good are your direction skills when trying to direct someone with a blindfold on?! Make sure you give the correct instructions otherwise you’ll step on a mine!

25. Inflatable Games

Inflatable games

Nope, inflatable games are not just for children. We even allow adults to take part too – who said children have all the fun?! Separated into teams you will take part in different activities including Sack Racing, Sumo Wrestling, Giant Inflatable Sausages and more!

26. Mobile Perfume Making Party

Mobile Perfume Making Party

Kick off the hen celebrations with Perfume Making! If you have your own accommodation, our fragrance stylist will visit you and let you handcraft your very own signature scent! Each hen will have a 5ml bottle of perfume keepsake to take home with them and the Bride to Be will receive a 20ml atomiser gift! If you take a liking, the scent will be registered online so you are able to go ahead and order it again!

27. Glow Netball

Glow Netball

Didn’t everyone play netball at school when they were younger? Glow Netball is a whole new concept on the game, incorporating bright colours, glow sticks and UV lighting! It’s a crazy game of Glow in the Dark Netball suitable for everyone. We ask you to wear bright coloured outfits to glow in the dark – we simply say no to dark colours!

28. Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

Do you have any stress that needs releasing before the big day?! Is this just an activity you have never done before that you would really love to try? Axe Throwing is a perfect activity to release some tension but to also have fun and a bit of a competition against the other hen group. Aim the axes at the wooden board and see who has the best technique and skill set!

29. It’s a Knockout

It's A Knockout

From giant inflatable obstacle courses, bounce castles, loads of foam and different activities comes It’s a Knockout! The fun game for hen parties which is based on the TV show. You’ll be laughing all the way round the course! This activity is available for Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle, and Newquay.

30. Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing

This dance class will teach you all of the basics you need to be on your way to a professional Irish dancer! The dance instructor will break the routines down into different sections and you will learn the crazy fast paced footwork it takes to be a pro! If you’re looking for a dance class but unsure which one to go for, you aren’t looking for a particular theme, why not try out Irish Dancing?

With all of these fabulous ideas to make the hen party one to remember, why not book one of these activities today?