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Is a Cheap Hen Do Possible?

Of course a Cheap Hen Do is possible! Just because you’ve got a budget for your Hen Weekend, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on fun! The most important part of a Hen Party is the people, so as long as you’re surrounded by your closest friends and maybe some family members, you’ll have a great time!

That being said, the activities do add to the experience! We’ve put together the best activities for a Hen Party on a Budget, with all activities starting at under £50pp. We’ve also added some tips and tricks for how to keep your Hen Event under budget! With Hen Do’s averaging around £500, we understand it can be difficult on top of the wedding cost! So, if you’re looking to plan a night to remember for your Hen, look no further!

Cheap Hen Do Activities

cheap hen do

1. Themed Bottomless Brunch

If there’s any way to get the drinks in and stick to a budget, it’s a Bottomless Brunch! And as it’s a Hen Do, you’ll want it to be a step above a normal brunch. So, why not make it themed! Did you know that The Cocktail Club have some great themed brunches! You could try the Disco Drag Bottomless Brunch or relive the times of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera with a 00’s Bottomless Brunch! You can’t go wrong! These experiences start from £35pp, meaning you can have all the drinks you want at a good price!

2. Life Drawing Class

Create your next Michaelangelo masterpiece with a Hen Life Drawing Class! This is a great chance to hone your artistic skills and have a bit of fun! Your Art Tutor will guide you through drawing your model in a number of poses without blushing! If they’re feeling brave, the Hen or guest of honour can also join in with the poses for even more of a laugh! With this experience starting from £29pp, you can really have some fun under budget!

3. Chocolate Making Workshop

This 90 minute session of Chocolate Making is heaven for all the chocoholic hens out there! With a professionally trained chocolatier teaching you how to properly taste the chocolate and guiding you through making delicious treats, this experience will really add to your Hen Do on a Budget! You can even take your range of carefully packaged treats home for friends and family…if you haven’t already eaten them!

4. Dreamboys Show

If you’re looking to really ramp up your Cheap Hen Do, and maybe add a little spice to it, take a trip to The Dreamboys Show! This famous male strip show is perfect for a Hen on a Budget, starting from £30pp! With the addition of the show being presented by some of the funniest Drag Queen / Comedians, you can expect to be in fits of laughter throughout the night!

5. Mobile Pamper Party

As Hens we all love a bit of pampering, especially right before the big day! Getting a pamper day in can be difficult on a budget, with the cost of accommodation soaring. So, why not bypass that cost by having a Mobile Pamper Party! Two qualified beauticians will come to your venue and provide mini treatments for the Hen and her Bridesmaids!

How to Stay on Budget for a Cheap Hen Do

cheap hen do

1. Add the theme yourself

Themed events can really add to your Hen Party, making any regular event that little bit more interested! As we said above, a themed Bottomless Brunch is a great idea! Not too sure on the themes we have to offer? Why not add your own theme! You can save that little bit extra by going to a regular Bottomless Brunch and adding the theme yourself. Even if it’s just coming dressed as the characters from your favourite movie or your favourite era, it adds that little something extra to make your Hen Night special!

2. Play some of your own Hen Party games

When you start going out to play games, the cost can really start to ramp up. So, why not play your own Hen Party games! There’s a whole range of games you can play either at a venue or from the comfort of your own home to bring the fun to your event! The best part is, as you’re planning and creating these games yourself, you can add a personal touch to them, making the Hen’s night truly special! If you’re stuck for some game ideas, you can find a whole list right here!

3. Plan in advance

The best way to budget, whether it’s a Hen Party, any other event, or just for general life, is to plan ahead. Have a look through different activities and price everything up to see what your best options are before you pay anything. You can even make a spreadsheet if you find this useful. Did you know that one of the best ways to save money is to practice mindful spending? By planning in advance, you’ll be able to be aware of what you’re spending and when to stop. Writing a list is also a great way to plan and budget, as it’ll make it easier to stick to what you need.

4. Be selective on the guest list (as per the Bride’s wish)

Now, we know it can be easy to get carried away with the guest list. You want your friend or family member to have the best night of their lives, and want to invite everyone they know! However, if you’re sticking to a budget, this is where things can get really expensive. The best thing to do is speak to the Bride and see who she wants in attendance the most and who is most important to her. As long as you invite the main people, you’ll be able to have a memorable night, no matter the what the budget is!

5. Organise a group gift

Finally, one of the best ways to save money for a Cheaper Hen Do is to organise a group gift. Instead of having everyone spend out on multiple gifts, chipping in for one amazing gift may even be more special to the Bride! After all, what she’ll care the most about is that you’re there, not what gifts she receives!

With all these tips in mind, planning a Hen Do on a Budget should be a breeze! If you’re not too sure on our activity picks, you can find a whole range of activities for under £50pp on our website! Once all the planning is done, make sure you relax and have fun at the even that you organised!

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