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Olympic Shames

Olympic Shames

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There really is no better icebreaker than the Olympic Shames! Consider it a cheeky version of a school sports day with new innuendo games that you definitely wouldn’t have played as a child! Split your group into teams and prepare yourselves for a lot of laughter because the aim of the game is to look as silly as possible!

A fantastic event that involves the whole group it’s guaranteed to leave you in stitches as you watch your teammates act like muppets. We might even throw some old classic party games in as well such as Limbo and Twister. Don’t forget though once you’ve stopped laughing at everyone else it’s your turn!

Games Include:

  • Twerk Off
  • Moves Like Jagger
  • Knee Trembler
  • Aladdin
  • Do Your Balls Hang Low
  • Head Banger
  • Is It In Yet
  • Twister
  • Limbo


  • A selection of hilarious games
  • Event Coordinator
  • All Equipment for Games
  • Venue
  • Keepsake Wristbands


  • Minimum group size of 10 players if group drops below 10 price may increase.
  • Only available between the months of April – October
  • Majority of events take place outdoors


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