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Immersive Prison Escape Room London

Immersive Prison Escape Room London

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Prepare for the ultimate challenge as you embark on a heart-pounding Immersive Prison Escape Room London experience. In this high-stakes adventure, you and your gang find yourselves in a dire situation. The van transporting you to Pentonville is en route, and time is running out. You’ve always been careful, but luck may be your only ally now.


As you enter the Immersive Prison Escape Room, you will quickly see you’re in a real, refurbished prison van! Your gang will be provided with authentic orange jumpsuits and chain restraints, heightening the realism and immersing you in the prisoner experience. Your mission is clear, yet challenging. The first step: Stop the van. The second step: Escape. And the ultimate prize awaits – the third step: Retire to the Bahamas. It may sound simple, but the odds are stacked against you. Will you be able to outsmart the guards and secure your freedom, or will you be condemned to a lifetime of confinement?

You’ll have 60 minutes to work together, utilizing your collective intelligence, problem-solving skills, and quick thinking to unravel secrets, decipher codes, and overcome a series of cunning challenges. The clock is ticking, and every second counts as you strive to outwit the prison’s formidable security measures.

So gather your gang, don your orange jumpsuits, and prepare to defy the odds. Can you stop the van, escape within 60 minutes, and secure your freedom, or will you become permanent residents of HM Prison Pentonville? The outcome is in your hands.


  • 60 Minute Immersive Escape Room Experience
  • Orange Jumpsuits and Chain Restraints
  • Live Staff


  • This experience can be booked for a minimum of four people and maximum of 8 people
  • Due to the limited space in the experience, it is not recommended for heavily pregnant women
  • You will be given an orange jumpsuit and chain restraints so its is recommended to wear loose clothing
  • There is a strict NO HEELS policy due to the nature of the game. It’s recommended to wear flat, comfortable shoes / trainers
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