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Why do I need to book a Christmas Party in advance?

When it comes to your Office Christmas Party, planning in advance is essential! After all, you want to make sure you’ve got access to all the best activities and experiences! So, to get the best for your team, planning in advance is essential! This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get booking straight away (although we do suggest booking as soon as you possibly can), even getting out the drawing book and start putting together your guest list is a good place to start!

When should I start planning?

Sooner rather than later is the rule of thumb for Christmas Parties! With each year, people want to get the best experiences first, which means that the planning process is starting earlier and earlier every year! Nowadays, people start booking in August or September, so planning should ideally start in July or August.

When it comes to planning, think about who you want to invite and what kind of event you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a little help or guidance on How to Plan a Christmas Party, check out our blog that gives you all the details you need step-by-step!

When is the best time & day for a Christmas Party?

One of the most common questions when planning a Festive Event is what is the best time and day? Although this can vary a fair bit, the most common time and day are Thursday, Friday or Saturday at 7pm. If you book on a Thursday, you may even be kind enough to give your team the day off the day after! By booking a Holiday Party at the end of the week, it acts as a reward for your team and gives them a nice break to recover as well! Additionally, by holding your event in the evening, you’ll have all the time you need for games and activities to take your party well into the night!

What happens if I need to amend any details?

This is the beauty of planning your Work Christmas Party early! If you need to amend any details (which is likely as your event draws closer), this should be no problem! By starting early, if anything does need changing you’ll be able to amend any details in plenty of time. It definitely beats leaving it until the last minute! With party planning, there can be changes and alterations, so don’t worry too much if this happens! As long as you’ve left enough time, it will be okay!

Hopefully you now know when and how to book a Christmas Party! The main points to remember are to start planning in Summer and make any amendments as soon as possible! Additionally, planning early means that you’ll get the best experiences on the most booked up days! If you’d like to view our very best Festive Experiences for your Christmas Party, click here to see what we have to offer!