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Why Select a Hen Party Location?

Hen Party Locations are essential! How are you going to get your group to the destination without telling them where it is! Whether you want to stay in your own location or venture off to somewhere new, there’s endless opportunities! Are you looking to go somewhere familiar, or maybe somewhere you’ve never been before? There’s so many options, it can be difficult to choose! These locations are all in the UK because, as Glamour Magazine say, Ibiza is overrated anyways.

With so many locations to choose from, we’ve put together what we’ve found to be the Top 5 Hen Party Locations. There’s so much to do in these areas that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Top 5 Hen Party Locations

hen locations

1. London

Taking the top spot is the perhaps obvious location of London. Being the capital city, there’s so much to do here you won’t know where to start! You even have the bonus of travelling to different parts of London depending on the vibe you’re going for! The opportunities are truly endless in this city.

2. Manchester

Just like London, Manchester holds so many options that you’ll never be bored! Looking for a night out? No problem! Want to include some additional day activities too? Sure! There’s no end to what you could do! On top of all that, Manchester is home to some of the best restaurants, so you certainly won’t be going hungry!

3. Oxford

Not too far from London, Oxford offers a more country feel. Even though you’re in a city, it’ll feel much more rustic! Additionally, Oxford is a beautiful city, meaning you won’t be short of photo opportunities! The night life has a lot to offer, as well as a wide range of day activities, meaning you can really make the most of your Hen Do!

4. Cardiff

Cardiff is well-known for it’s night life. This makes it the perfect Hen Location! If you’re looking for a little something extra too, there’s plenty of places to go with stunning views! You definitely won’t be bored if you choose to have your Hen Weekend in Cardiff!

5. Liverpool

Not too far from Manchester, Liverpool is another great Hen Party Location! If you’re looking for somewhere different and full of eclectic picks, look no further than Liverpool! With the added bonus of being right by the sea, what more could you want!

Activities to do in these Hen Party Locations

1. Old School Sports Day

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood memories with Old School Sports Day! Once split into teams, you’ll get to take on a range of nostalgic games including Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race, Three-Legged Race and Space Hoppers. This activity is one that everyone will love! It’s a great competitive event, but everyone is also guaranteed to have fun! There’s even an event ceremony with the crowning of the Old School Champions! There may even be a Mr & Mrs Quiz to break up the games if you like!

2. Life Drawing Class

A Life Drawing Class is a great chance to hone your artistic skills and have a bit of fun! It’s the perfect ice-breaker for your Hen Party! Your Art Tutor will guide you through drawing your model in a variety of poses, but try not to blush! If they’re feeling brave, the Hen can even join in with the poses for even more of a laugh! Once it’s all over, you’ll get to compare your drawings to see whose is the best (or the worst!).

3. Bubble MayHEN

Join in with this modern twist on Bubble Football – Bubble MayHEN! Bubble MayHEN is less football and more games, so why not come in fancy dress and team colours! It’ll only add to the atmosphere! Bump, roll and laugh your way through a truly hysterical event, whether you’re playing or viewing! Strap yourself into your own one-man body zorb and barge your way across the pitch. But beware! When you’re in control of the ball, a barge could come from any direction!

4. Olympic Shames

There really is no better icebreaker than Olympic Shames! Consider it a cheeky version of Old School Sports Day with innuendo games you definitely didn’t play as a child! Prepare yourselves for lots of laughter as the aim of the game is to look as silly as possible! This fantastic event that involves the whole group is guaranteed to leave you in stitches as you watch your teammates act like muppets!

5. Deluxe Mobile Pamper Party

Whether you’re getting ready for your Hen Party, or this is part of your Hen Party, let the pampering come to you! Two qualified beauticians will come out to your venue and provide a mini treatment for each person in your group! What better way to kickstart your Hen Do, or even end it! The deluxe part of this pamper party is that it comes with a Butler in the Buff! Whatever you want them to do, they’ll make sure you have a good time!

Hopefully you now have some ideas about where you’d like your Hen Party Location to be! To view our full range of Hen Activities, click here! Alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form or contact us directly. We’ll make sure your Hen Do is a huge success!