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Have you ever wondered what the best bars in Newcastle are if you’re visiting for a few nights and want to get your party on? Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 5 places to go in Newcastle.  

1.Howlers Ball Pit Bar

Howlers Ball Pit Bar VIP Package

At number 1 is Howlers Ball Pit Bar. Not only does it cater for large groups, but it is also open until the early hours of the morning. If you love an instagramable moment here is the place to be! You can have as many drinks and cocktails as you like while having unlimited access to the ball pit. Imagine the photos you’ll get and the fun you’ll have! Not only that but you’ll get to feel like a kid again! 

2.The Purple Peacock Newcastle

The Purple Peacock Newcastle
Photo credit: Get Into Newcastle

The Purple Peacock is Newcastle’s finest entertainment dining experience with a modern outlook on décor, entertainment, and drinks. From the amazing evening and day shows to the impeccable performances. There’s not a lot that this place doesn’t offer! With reviews giving this place 4 stars, what is there to compete with! 

3.WC Newcastle

WC Newcastle cocktail bar
Photo credit: Design My Night

The WC Newcastle is in the heart of Newcastle City Centre. It’s an Independent subterranean wine bar that used to be a ‘water closet’ hence the name, WC! A speakeasy style bar hidden beneath the streets of Newcastle, it oozes style and class. Known and loved by locals – this is the place where you can step up your game and impress others. 

4.BrewDog Newcastle

Brewdog Newcastle
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

If you love a good beer, then BrewDog is the one for you. BrewDog is all about making others feel passionate about great craft beer. They have over 60 bars, 5 breweries and 4 hotels worldwide, including BrewDog Newcastle. For the whole BrewDog team, craft beer is more than something to be enjoyed on a Friday night. It is a way of life. So, if you love a good beer then this is the place to be! 

5.The Botanist Bar & Restaurant Newcastle

Photo credit: The Botanist

This Gastropub-style of dining has proven to be popular with locals. With delicious kebabs, brunch & botanical cocktails. Tasteful décor is at the heart of The Botanist Bar and Restaurant with a superb sunroof and a gorgeous colour theme. The wait staff are extremely tentative and there’s no need to worry about outstaying your welcome as it’s open every day till the AM. There is no better place to be. 


So now you know the top 5 bars in Newcastle to visit. If you like the sounds of them all and want a different experience throughout the night, then why not check out our Bar Crawl Buffs which is great for hen parties? Including visiting the best bars and a nightclub with a free round of shots. Don’t worry guys we also have Beer and Babes where you can get a free round of beers and shots as well as some great girls to party with!