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Have you been tasked with organizing the Stag Do for your mate but are unsure of where to take them? Well, look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 10 UK Stag Do locations this year. These locations will be sure to give you memories that last a lifetime… and photos that will sadly last a lifetime too. That’s if you can remember the weekend after all of the alcohol consumption. 



Blackpool is one of the best cities in the UK to visit for a Stag Do. With its crazy nightlife, beautiful beaches, and fabulous amusement park where else would you want to go? 

That’s not all Blackpool has to offer. Blackpool offers something for everyone. You can stay up until the early hours of the morning partying. Or have a Poker Night with your mates before you hit up the town. You can fill your days with some great activities and immerse yourself in Blackpool culture. Whether this is visiting the Zoo, Aquariums, Paintballing, or seeing Blackpool light up at night. There is something for everyone! 

Blackpool is considered one of the most traditional Stag destinations, famous for the Pleasure Beach, Dancing Activities, fish and chips on the seafront, and don’t forget the games you can do the day before your Stag night out! You can take part in Old School Sports Day which is great if you want some friendly competition. Maybe the losing team has to get the rounds in all night? Blackpool is often considered one of the best places to go for a Stag Do.  



Bournemouth is one of the top UK holiday destinations. So why would you not want to visit Bournemouth for your Stag Do? Enjoy pier zips, Boat Cruises and Reggae Nights!

Bournemouth is famous for its vast and beautiful beaches. You can even stay on the beach if you wish in huts big enough for you and your Stag party! 

Stag activities in Bournemouth are the greatest reason to visit the Great British seaside town. You could even learn how to surf while having a few beers by the beach. That sounds like a dream!  

If you’re there at the end of August, there is the famous Bournemouth Air Festival which provides world-class entertainment. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more on the childish side why not try Nerf Gun Wars?

This will be sure to bring many laughs to the group! Just make sure to get lots of action shots that you can embarrass the Stag with on the wedding day! 



Bristol is an eclectic and bohemian city in the West Country. If you’re searching for a Stag Do location that has a wide range of exciting activities and a guaranteed fantastic night out, you won’t go wrong with Bristol.  

There are many activities to explore such as Hell In A Cell (I’m sure we’ve all seen this activity blowing up on Facebook and Instagram) This would be a great activity to scare the life out of the Stag! And with no fewer than 10 pubs per square mile, you’ll never be far from a top-notch drinking spot. There’s plenty to inspire you. 

But that’s far from all. You can try Human Table Football… Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like! Or if you want to stitch up the Stag then why not enter them into a Life Drawing experience where they must be the naked model? After this, the Stag will most likely either be annoyed at you or they will find it hilarious! So why not take the Stag somewhere where they can enjoy their last night of freedom with some great girls? Bar Crawl Beauties has it all! From gorgeous girls who will go on your night out with you, to free shots, forfeits, and dares! Are you daredevil enough to leave the Mrs at home and go out with these ladies? 

With the streets of Bristol connected one way or another, no wonder this made it to our Top 10 UK Stag Do Locations! 



There are so many amazing things to do on a day out in Cardiff Bay, it is a great destination for visitors of all ages. Places to visit include some of the city’s most famous landmarks. 

You’ll find great daytime activities, and plenty of pubs & bars to party at! There’s no scarcity of hotels either, ensuring a convenient place to stay.  

Much of Cardiff’s history and culture revolves around its vast scenery and landscapes, so why not incorporate this into your Stag weekend by exploring Canyoning? This activity will keep your group entertained all day. Believe us, there aren’t many better hangover cures than blasting cold water. So why not give it a go? If you fancy something a little bit less cold then another great outdoor adrenalin activity is our Outdoor Lazer Tag where you will have to duck and dodge the lasers, with more obstacles than you could ever imagine! Will you be the last person standing? There’s only one way to find out!

If you’re wondering what the nightlife in Cardiff has to bring you then you will not be disappointed! With a plethora of bars, clubs, and other late-night establishments, there is always something exciting happening in Cardiff after dark. From the vibrant streets to the stylish pubs and clubs, the energy of the city at night is truly electrifying. With its reputation for being a Party Capital, Cardiff does not let any down. You can start the night off with a bang with a Steak and Strip and finish your night by exploring some great clubs with our VIP Bar Club Pass that can get you into some great clubs for the night.

You name it and Cardiff has it! 



Other than the rich history, charming, cobbled streets, and stunning architecture that dates to before Roman times. Edinburgh is without a doubt one of the best cities in the UK for a Stag Do, with its globally acclaimed whisky walks and festivals with some that are uniquely Scottish, and you can’t forget about the lively and cheap nights out! 

First things first are the activities Edinburgh offers. Goggle Football is a great activity to get you and the Stag Do in the spirit to drink. Goggle Football provides a hilarious and unique experience that tests your coordination skills. You can expect endless laughter for days to come after enduring this activity!  

One of the things Edinburgh is known for is its Whisky! So why not try Edinburgh’s Bourbon Tasting session? This will be sure to get the Stag tipsy but with some class! After why not hit up a Comedy Show? If this doesn’t make you spit out your drink, then we don’t know what will! 

Edinburgh Castle is the heart of Edinburgh and you can’t go to Edinburgh on a Stag without visiting this place. The number 1 reason to visit Edinburgh Castle is that it’s gorgeous. The second reason is that the Mrs will want to see what you have been up to when you get back. So, show her a picture of Edinburgh Castle rather than the nights out that you had that you can no longer remember.  

You can’t forget about the many alcohol-themed festivals, such as: 

  • The Gin To My Tonic Show: Ultimate Gin & Spirit. 
  • Gin & Rum Festival 
  • Edinburgh Whisky Festival 

If you’re an alcohol lover then Edinburgh is the place to go for you! 



Edinburgh may be known for its cultural richness and historic treasures, but Glasgow is renowned for its lively nightlife and popular Stag celebrations, so it makes total sense to give the Groom the best send-off you can in this brilliant Scottish city.  

Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music and has a renowned music scene with iconic venues and a jam-packed calendar of the best festivals and events allowing you to dive into your Glasgow Stag Do. There are a ton of extreme Stag party activities like Paintballing, Extreme Dodgeball, Court Room Roast, Bubble Football, and Watersports. But that’s not all Glasgow has to offer! There are so many more activities you can explore!  

Aside from the beautiful scenery, and Glasgow being the City of Music, Glasgow is also famous for its lively nightlife, with plenty of opportunities for a good time, especially Stag parties. With its reputation as a city that never sleeps, Glasgow also has a wealth of historic and architectural gems, including stunning Victorian architecture, fascinating museums, and captivating galleries. 

Glasgow is a city that truly has it all. Whether you’re looking for a night on the town, a cultural adventure, or a taste of history, this Scottish gem has something for everyone 



What’s the first thing you think about when you hear ‘Liverpool’? I’m sure football popped right into your head. This is the place known for its football teams. A great place to take your crazed football fan Stag! 

There’s also something for the music fans. Liverpool is known as the birthplace of The Beatles! Now, who doesn’t love The Beatles? Liverpool has a thriving music scene that continues to inspire and entertain. From legendary music venues to the annual International Beatleweek Festival. What more could you want? 

There are many activities you could explore that would be sure to get the whole Stag involved and rolling around in stitches of laughter! Such as: 

  • Hover crafting: Hover crafting will be sure to get a laugh out of the Stag. It’s a combination of flying and going on a boat. Carefully navigating the waters by using your body weight. This is harder than it looks and I’m sure the Stag party will have their cameras at the ready to snap any embarrassing shots of you to show the Bride. 
  • Mud Buggies: This activity is a force to be reckoned with for the daredevils of the group! Navigate the muddy terrain with many bumps and turns. The faster you go into these bumps, the higher the buggy will go. You will likely have no wheels on the ground at more than one point in this experience.
  • Goggle Football: Now this is an experience no one can master! Put on your goggles that alter your vision and get ready to kick the ball that you can barely see. Now put this into a football match. You won’t be able to stay upright so make sure someone has a camera at the ready.  

From the finest bars and nightlife to the best daytime activities, restaurants, and even down to what to drink and eat; everything is here so you and your stags don’t miss a thing. 

So, listen up football crazed fans, this one’s for you. 




Manchester is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant energy. With a population of over two million people, Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK and is a hub of arts, music, and culture and is a hotspot for beer, babes, and great bars! 

Manchester has some great bars such as the Bierkeller Oompah Show Night. If you’re a beer fan this one is for you! Enjoy a traditional Bavarian experience with great table service. So, no need to worry about queuing at the bar. All the servers are in full Bavarian costume, so you feel like you are fully immersed in the experience. With a great dance floor and enthusiastic staff, this is the place to be in Manchester.   

Manchester can provide a classy night out, an adrenaline-packed day, and anything in between. Explore the city’s nightlife by hitting up the Shooting Bar yes, you heard that right! The Shooting Bar Package means you can drink until your liver can’t take anymore and still try to aim and shoot at the targets. Or try to win some money off your mates on a Private Poker Night. There will be for sure some laughs in this one.  

The next day after your night out why not try the Snow Park? Now we’ve all heard the best cure for a hangover is paracetamol, water, and anything cold! So being blasted by cold air while on this Snow Park will be sure to get you up and at it again! Oh, and once you have got over your hangover, there are many bars on site to get you back into the drinking spirit! If you fancy something a little less cold but still fancy a great day out then try Nerf Gun Wars! This game takes you back. Everyone will be getting involved as it’s all for one and one for all! 



Newcastle is a vibrant and bustling city located in the North East of England and is a popular destination for tourists and Stags. The city is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, making it the perfect destination for those who love exploring and a night out on the town! 

If you’re thinking about going to Newcastle for a lively night out then you are in luck! The nightlife scene is filled with plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues to choose from. If you can’t decide then we recommend the Stag Party Night Package. You will start in a bar and get the ultimate package with 12x beers to choose from. 2x bottles of spirits of your choice and any mixers! If your Stag is still standing after this one you may want to consider them super-human! Will also be a great opportunity to get those pictures and send them off to the Bride-To-Be.  

If you’re looking to be on the naughtier side with some babes on site then why not get your Stag to visit the Gentlemans Club as well as some free booze to keep the Stag going? 

Whether you’re wanting to immerse yourself in the culture, or just looking for a fun night out, Newcastle is the perfect destination for you and your Stag.  



Last but not least is Nottingham. Now you may be thinking why Nottingham? Other than its wild nightlife and the great activities it has to offer. Nottingham is also known for its lace heritage and connections to Robin Hood. So, if your Stag is a Robin Hood fan, this is the place to be!

There are many activities to indulge in here and many places to have some great food! Hooters has made it onto our list being the only Hooters you can visit in England. So you may want to add this to your list of things to do for a great time! But that’s not all you can fill your days with. You can also try the Multi Activity Adrenaline Day where you can try many activities. A great one that they have to offer is the Sumo Suit activity. You can compete to see who will become the Sumo champion! It will feel like you’re in a game of Takeshi’s castle. Which I’m sure all of us have wanted to go on! 

If you fancy something a little bit naughtier and want to stitch up the Stag, then why not try Stitch Up The Stag Life Drawing? Where the Stag will have no choice but to get nude as the Stag group will be painting them. This is the ultimate activity if you want to stitch up the Stag! 

But not to worry there are many experiences you can do that we’re sure the Stag will love such as Burgers and Babes! You get 3 things that every man loves… burgers, beer, and a topless female server to bring you your food. Now, what is not to love about this experience? After why not hit up the Pit and Pendulum? This late-night venue will come with plenty of drinks and some great sinful music where you can dance the night away… That’s if you can dance after all of the drinks! Or if you fancy something a little more traditional take a look at the Nottingham VIP Bar & Club Pass. This will be sure to show you a great time! You will be on the guest list entry to all of the best bars and nightclubs in the city such as PRYZM, Revolution, and more!

We all love something to eat after a night out! Not to fear there will be plenty of places to eat and you can even get your hands on some of Nottinghams’ famous Pork Pies! Your tastebuds will take you on a journey after trying one of these!

Nottingham is a city that has it all! From its rich history and cultural heritage to its thriving nightlife and breathtaking natural beauty, the city offers many attractions and experiences for Stag Dos. 

Stag night out

You have now reached the end of our Top 10 UK Stag Do Locations 2024 blog. We hope this helped choose the best Stag Do location. Now you have all of the facts. Which place will you choose to take the Stag out in during his last night of freedom? The choice is yours! 

If you’re wondering how to survive a Stag Do or want to know any unusual Stag ideas then check out our page here.

We wish you happy planning!