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Are you planning a Stag Do for your Football-loving friend? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Football-themed Stag Do ideas that are sure to score big with the Groom-to-be and the rest of the Stag Do party.

From visiting a Football Stadium to playing a friendly match, these ideas will appeal to the Football enthusiasts and make for a memorable and exciting celebration. So grab your team and get ready for a Stag Do that will be the envy of all your friends with these top Football-themed Stag Do Ideas.

1. Bubble Football (or Football Zorbing)

bubble football

Very much a Stag favourite is Bubble Football. It’s sure to get the whole group up and about. Surrounded by a big bubble suit, you get to bash into your mates, all while playing a game of Football. This is one of the most entertaining Stag activities you will come across.

2. Foot Darts

foot darts

A mix of a fan favourite game and a pub classic. Foot Darts is the perfect activity for any Stag Do. Similar to regular Darts expect you’re kicking a Football at a large inflatable board.

3. Electric Shock Football

electric shock football

A very shocking activity to add to any Stag Weekend. The Electric Shock Football is a very unique activity that is perfect for any group willing to brave the shocks. This is a great activity to stitch up your Stag, with the opportunity to shock any playing member of the group.

4. Goggle Football

goggle football

Similar to playing Football with a hangover. Goggle Football is a must for any Stag group. With ‘beer’ goggles impairing vision you will attempt to play a game of Football. This is a game full of laughs as you get to watch your mates wobble around the pitch.

5. Foot Golf

foot golf

A combination of two very traditional games. Foot Golf is a twist on a typical game of Golf, where instead of using a club to hit a Golf ball into the hole. You use a Football and kick this towards the hole. Same rules apply though, the player with the lowest score wins!

6. Human Table Football

human table football

A crazy twist of the classic table to pub game. Human Table Football is a great activity to have as part of your Stag Do. Where instead of spinning plastic characters of a table, you and the rest of the Stag will be in their place instead, running side to side hoping to secure a goal.

7. 5-A-Side Football Game

5-A-Side Football Game

Despite all the fun with the other activities, you can never quite beat a typical 5-A-Side game. This is perfect for any Football crazed Stag, with the perfect opportunity to set any of your own rules. Perhaps losing team gets the first round?

8. Watching a Football Game

Watching a Football Game

Tickets to watch the Stags favourite team play is the perfect activity for any Stag group. Allowing all the group to be involved in the cheer. Also making it the perfect opportunity to get dressed up in your favourite Football shirt.

9. Stadium Tour

Stadium Tour

The perfect opportunity to see behind the scenes of the classic game and get to go where so many Football heroes have been before. You could head to the famous Stadiums or your favourite local club. Both allow an opportunity to really understand the hidden side of the game.

10. Stadium Hire

Stadium Hire

Why not live out your own Football fantasies and walk where so many legends have walked before, with exclusive hire of a real Football stadium for all of your Stag Do needs!

We always recommend a Football activity for pretty much any Stag Do. We hope this list of top 10 Football-themed Stag Do ideas has given you some inspiration for your upcoming celebration.

Remember to have fun and make it a personalized experience for the Groom-to-be. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures to remember the special occasion. Have a great Stag Do! But if you’re struggling to choose just one, you can always go for two with our Multi Activity Sports Day.