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christmas party themes

What is a Christmas Party Theme?

Christmas Party Themes are a fun way to kick your Festive Event up a notch and make it one to remember! You could decorate your venue to fit the theme, or simply have a dress code (which means you don’t have to do too much of the work!) and have everyone compare costumes! A costume competition can be another fun way to have everyone put their best effort into it!

Top 10 Christmas Party Themes

From Santa’s Grotto to Tinsel & ‘Tinis, we’ve got the very best Christmas Party Themes to inspire you this Holiday Season! Whether you’re looking for something fun and maybe a bit silly, or a theme that allows everyone to enjoy a festive tipple, we’ve got you covered!

christmas party themes

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a great Christmas Party Theme! Transform your venue into a dazzling white Winter Wonderland and let your guests gaze in wonder! There’s something truly magical about a white Christmas, so this one is a guaranteed hit! However, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to go all out, then some fairy lights and white draping can go a long way!

2. Santa’s Workshop

Who wouldn’t want to travel to the North Pole and visit Santa’s Workshop? Well, now you can with this themed event! All you need is a pile of presents all wrapped and ready for their journey across the world (psst…they don’t have to be real!), a few work stations (extra points if you’ve got some Christmas Elves at work wrapping presents), and an area for Santa visits! Although you could hire someone to be Santa, if you’re on a budget, why not get one of your friends or colleagues to dress as Santa!

3. Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

Who doesn’t have a hideous Christmas Jumper hidden at the back of their wardrobe? Therefore, this year why not make use of your worst and cheesiest jumpers by holding an Ugly Christmas Jumper Themed Party! You may even get extra points if you make them yourselves! After all, all you have to do is add a bit of tinsel and some stars to an old jumper and you’re ready to go! The uglier the better! Additionally, you can top off the event with a prize for the most hideous jumper!

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it Halloween? Is it Christmas? Who knows with a Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Event! Based on the popular Tim Burton film, dress up as Jack Skellington and decorate your venue as Christmas Town (or Halloween Town’s attempt at Christmas!) for a Holiday Party with a twist!

5. Festive Masquerede Ball

If you’re looking for a black tie event where everyone is dressed to the nines, then why not take it one step further with a Festive Masquerede Ball! This could also be mixed with a Winter Wonderland theme for decor to make it then ultimate event! With finger foods and cocktails flowing, this could be the most talked about event of the year!

6. 12 Tastes of Christmas

Inspired by the classic 12 Days of Christmas, we present to you, the 12 Tastes of Christmas! Line up 12 Festive treats (and maybe some cocktails too!) and have a tasting party! For some added fun, you can even make it a competition! Blindfold participants and see if they can guess the Holiday treat they’re eating or drinking. For decor, simple Christmas decorations will do! For this one, the world is your oyster as the main theming comes from the food and refreshments!

7. Christmas Movie Marathon

From decorations to costumes, this theme is an all-rounder! Everyone loves a Christmas film. So, why not come dressed up as someone from your favourite film! It’s certainly a conversation starter trying to work out who everyone is dressed up as! Additionally, to really kick it up a notch, you can rent a projector and even screen a few of your favourites! To take it even further, if you’ve got a venue with multiple rooms, why not make each room a homage to your favourite Christmas Movie!

8. Christmas Murder Mystery

If you’re looking for a truly immersive theme, then a Christmas Murder Mystery is the one for you! There are two ways you could do this. One could be to do it yourself, giving each guest an identity at the beginning of the night. Then, during the party, someone is murdered, and the murderer is one of your guests! It’s up to you and your fellow guests to figure out who the murderer is. Additionally, to add a bit of extra fun, get everyone to dress up in costumes to help them get into character! Alternatively, if you want to evade the hassle of sorting it all out yourself, then you can have us organise it for you! We have our very own Christmas Murder Mystery event!

9. Candyland

Who doesn’t love a Candyland themed party! With candy striped decorations and Candy Canes galore, what’s not to love! From the decoration to the food, this theme is perfect for a bright and fun Christmas Party. You can even dress up in candy colours if you really want to! Food theming is great for this party, with candy buffets and decorate-your-own cupcake stations!

10. Tinsel & ‘Tinis

This Christmas Party Theme is simple but perfect, especially if you’re on a budget! All you need is a few cocktails and a tinsel scarf and you’re set! After all, what really matters is the people you’re spending time with! Get together with your friends and colleagues this Christmas and celebrate all you’ve achieved in the past year with some drinks and a good time! After a long year, we all definitely deserve it! To add a little something extra to the theming, why not set up a photobooth with festive props and a tinsel backdrop!

christmas party themes

With all of these themes, you’re spoilt for choice this Christmas! When choosing a theme, think about what will work best for the type of Christmas Party you want – if you’re looking for a relaxing event, why not go for the Christmas Movie Marathon Theme! Alternatively, if you want a bright and spectacular event, then the Festive Masquerede Ball could be the one of you! The main thing is everyone has a good time and celebrates all of their achievements for the year! Merry Christmas!