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christmas party games

Why include Christmas Party Games?

You can’t have a Christmas Party without some Christmas Party Games! However, these aren’t your usual games. We’ve shaken up some of the best classic party games with a festive twist! After all, what more could you want for your Festive Event? So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Christmas Party Games! Additionally, if you’d like some structured Holiday Activities to your event, click here to view our Top 10 Christmas Party Activities!

Top 10 Christmas Party Games

christmas party games

1. Christmas Bingo

We all know how Bingo works, but have you ever played Christmas Bingo? In this Festive version of this event, you will be presented with a playing card that has a number of Holiday Activities, such as ‘Watched Elf’ or ‘Built a Snowman’. Mingle with guests to find as many people as you can that have done these activities. When you’ve found them, write their name or initials in the box. Once you’ve got a full row, shout Bingo!

2. Ugliest Christmas Jumper Competition

Ah, the age old Christmas Jumper Competition. However, instead of trying to find the best jumper, come in your ugliest possible Festive Sweater! Whether you want to buy one or make one is totally up to you, but extra points for effort to those who make their own by decorating an old jumper! Real points go to the person with the most Mark Darcy-esque jumper!

3. Festive Charades

Again, another Party Classic. However, in a Festive twist, you can only act out Christmas movies and songs! (Whether or not Die Hard counts is up to you…it doesn’t). You’ll be in stitches as you watch your friends and colleagues trying to act out Rocking around the Christmas Tree!

4. Blindfold Christmas Drawing

In this hilarious game, you’ll need to get into pairs. Whilst one person is blindfolded with a pen and paper, the other must describe a Christmas scene to them. The blindfolded person must then draw it to the best of their ability. You’ll be laughing all night as you remember the drawings that your partner produced!

5. Christmas Memory Game

Pick a number of Christmas images (we usually recommend around 8). Then print two of each and place the cards on the table. Each player will get to pick a card and then try and find the match! The real memory test comes in when a number of the cards have been revealed, but where were they? When a player finds a match, they get to keep it, and the person with the most pairs wins!

6. Christmas Carol Pictionary

This one is perfect for a quick and easy team game! Write down your favourite Christmas Carols on flash cards. Make sure your group is split into teams and then you’re ready to go! One player picks up a card and has 1 minute to draw the Christmas Carol! If their team guesses the Carol, then they get a point. The first to reach 20 points wins!

7. Santa Limbo

This is the perfect Christmas Party Game, especially if you’ve had a cocktail or two! Have everyone stuff their tops with a pillow to make a Santa belly. Then, put a limbo stick up at an easy starting height. After that, it’s time to limbo! Watch in hilarity as as your guest one by one try to limbo underneath the candy cane stick with their Santa belly!

8. Stocking Fill-Up

Split your guests into two teams and have a Christmas stocking for each team on the opposite end of the room. Teams must then race to fill up their stocking with candy a spoonful at a time! As this is a relay race, the competition will be fierce as you try to fill up your stocking first!

9. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Print off a picture of Rudolph (or draw one if you think you’ve got a bit of artistic flair!) and place it on the wall. Then cut out a circular piece of red paper for Rudolph’s nose and stick a thumbtack through it. Then it’s time to blindfold the player and spin them around in a circle! Try not to make them too dizzy though, you don’t want any thumbtack accidents! Then it’s time to Pin the Nose on Rudolph! Whoever places it the nearest to his nose wins!

10. Find Santa’s Friends

For this one, you’ll need to buy (or make!) a range of stuffed elves and reindeers. Then you’ll need to hide them around the house or venue for everyone to find! This is a great game that can be played as a full game or as a “find them as you see them” throughout the event. Whoever finds the most of Santa’s Friends will get a prize!

With all of those games, you’re in for the best Christmas Party yet! Now that the world has opened up again, why not get your friends and colleagues together for a Festive Event they’ll remember forever! You can play a few of these games, or even just one of them! We hope you enjoy your Christmas Party and have the best time!