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Why have a Christmas Party?

If there’s one event that everyone looks forward to each year, it’s a Christmas Party! After all, what better way is there to get everyone together to celebrate the year! Whether you’re looking to celebrate the hard work you’ve done that year, or simply toast the end of another year, Christmas is the perfect time to do this! Festivities put a smile on everyones faces and gives everyone the well-deserved chance to celebrate. So why not book a Festive Event over the Holiday Season! After all, as Holiday Parties were off last year, the chance to party is finally back!

Top 10 Christmas Party Activities

The best party of a Christmas Party is the activities! We have a vast array of activities to suit everyone, from food and beverage based events to creative sessions!

christmas party

1. Tipsy Christmas Cocktail Masterclass

We all love a cocktail, especially at Christmas! So why not learn how to shake up the festive season in this masterclass! Mix, shake and stir your way to creating 4 unique and wintery cocktails from the comfort of your own home or venue! This mobile event has an expert bartender come to you and guide you through using the professional bar equipment to make some of the very best festive cocktails! There may even be a drinking game or two involved.

2. The Office Games

If you love a bit of Saturday Night TV, then why not bring it to life with The Office Games! After arriving at the venue, your group will be split in to teams ready to take on a variety of game show style games! After that, teams must go head-to-head in games based on the shows we all know and love, but with a festive twist! Additionally, there’s an interactive host bringing the buzz of a game show to real life!

3. Christmas Wreath Making

For your Christmas Event this year, why not take part in a traditional Wreath Making Workshop! Create your very own festive wreath to hang pride of place on your front door! After you’ve picked out what you’d like on your wreath, it’s on to the bit everyone’s really here for…the decorating! If there’s one way to get into the festive spirit, then this is it!

4. Christmas Murder Mystery

If you’re a Marple fan, or your favourite game is Cluedo, then why not enjoy this festive themed Christmas Murder Mystery! Additionally, with two different themes to pick from, you can really make this event your own! In one night you will witness a murder and solve the crime! Furthermore, logic and wit will be your friends in this experience as you persue the evidence, question the suspects and make your accusations! Can you catch the killer?

5. Christmas Cracker Making Workshop

If you’re looking for some festive fun this Christmas, then look no further than Christmas Cracker Making! Perfect as a festive prelude, or as part of the main eevent, your group can create their own set of unique Christmas Crackers in time for Christmas Dinner!

6. Elf School

Santa and his elves need your help, so you’ve been invited to train at Elf School! Someone has taken Santa’s Sleigh for a joyride and it’s up to you and your fellow elves to find out who did it! Additionally, you will go head-to-head in a series of games and challenges to see if you’ve got what it takes to become Santa’s Top Elf! However, it’ll take a lot of logic and quick thinking, so make sure you’ve got these about you at all times!

7. Festive Races

If you’re looking for a Holiday event with a difference, then try Festive Races! Place your bets on your mobile, sit back and enjoy the races! With all of the race day props you could dream of, watch the Reindeer Races and see if your beast will win!

8. Casino Night

What better way to celebrate the Festive Season than with a Casino Night! If you want to bring a bit of Vegas magic to your party, then this is the perfect activity! Take part in a range of games including Blackjack, Roulette, Three-Card Poker and more! So, why not get dressed up in your Game Night best and head down to your very own private casino!

9. Festive Court Room Roast

Welcome to the Festive Court Room Roast! In this Christmas Edition of this hysterical event, you can accuse anyone of heinous crimes (all in the name of fun!) and see them face trial and punishment! This unique Festive experience will have the whole group in fits of laughter as they see their colleagues and friends placed on trial for crimes such as Terrible Dancing and Worst Jokes! In a festive twist, you will plead your case to the court of Santa’s Grotto, and the elves will decide whether your crimes are worthy of being put on Santa’s Naughty List!

10. Chocolate Making Workshop

Learn and experience all things chocolate in this theatrical Chocolate Making Workshop! Learn all the tricks of the trade from the experts themselves! Upon arrival you will be greeted by the charismatic Chocolatier who will teach you a range of new chocolate skills and will help you make the most delicious chocolate you’ve ever tasted! Release your inner artist as you create chocolate slabs and decorate decadent truffles.

With all of these Festive activities and games, you must be in for the best Christmas Party of all time! These activities will suit anyone and everyone, from foodies to creatives to those down for a good laugh! At the end of the day, a Christmas Party should be fun, so the activity that will bring the most laughs and fun to the group is the one for you! If you’d like to see some more festive picks, click here to view our full range of Christmas Activities – and don’t forget to have the best Holiday Party!