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Why have a Nottingham Stag Party?

The real question here would be why not have a Nottingham Stag Party? This city is buzzing with activity, full of things to do and places to see, you certainly won’t be bored here! No matter whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, you’re bound to find plenty of things to do! Additionally, Nottingham is host to a vast array of night life. After all, what more could you want on a Stag Night? It’s the most important part! The good news is, you definitely won’t be disappointed if Nottingham is your location of choice!

Top 5 Nottingham Stag Party Activities

1. Bubble Football

As crazy as it’s name suggests, Bubble Football is a hilarious version of the beautiful game! Firstly, you’ll need to strap yourself into your very own Bubble Suit. After that, you’re ready to split off into teams and begin the games! Although in regular football you may tackle, in Bubble Football you will use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents! However, when in control of the ball beware, as a barge could come from any direction!

2. Whiskey & Beer Tasting Class & Meal

If you’re looking for the perfect boozy icebreaker, then Whiskey & Beer Tasting is the perfect option! Not only will you get the opportunity to learn how beer and whiskey can be paired, but you will also learn all about their history! Additionally, each venue has it’s very own microbrewery on-site, so you won’t get a better experience anywhere else! With tasting notes sheets, you will make notes on your 5 different whiskeys and beers before you decide on your favourites! As if that wasn’t already enough, there’s even a meal included to soak up the booze!

3. Stitch up the Stag Life Drawing

This is the ultimate way to Stitch up the Stag! After all, Stag Dos are all about embarrassing the Stag in as many ways as possible. So, why not go for the jugular! Although a Life Drawing Class may not be your usual activity, but what if the Stag had to be the model? It’s the ultimate stich up, and guaranteed to leave the guys laughing for days afterwards!

4. Electric Shock Football

Electric Shock Football is the hilarious new game that will leave you in stitches (not literally!). Although it starts as a nic, friendly version of football, then the real fun starts. SHOCK! There’s nothing you can do but watch as your teammates drop like flies! It’s up to you to stay on your feet as feel a sharp ‘shock’ to the system! Try and bluff your way through and show no reaction!

5. Go Karting Ultimate Race Experience

There’s no denying the sheer sense of speed and excitement that Go Karting has to offer! So, why not take on this action-packed activity fueled with adrenalise and adventure! After you’ve taken position on the track, it’s time to compete for the fastest lap time! After a break, you’ll then get to head back to the track to try and improve your race time! It’s an experience like no other.

Best Restaurants for a Nottingham Stag Party

nottingham stag party

1. Son of Steak

If you’re looking for the Stag Steak experience, but have a few in the group who aren’t meat lovers, then this is the perfect compromise! Son of Steak offers delectable steaks, with chicken and vegan options as well! There’ll be something for everyone, and you won’t have to compromise on quality either!

2. Restaurant Sat Bains

This stunning restaurant has not one, but two Michelin Stars! Restaurant Sat Bains offers the ultimate dining experience, with simple but delicious tasting menus. There’s a different menu in each dining area to embrace the essence of the RSB dining experience – if this doesn’t showcase elegance and fine dining, we don’t know what does!

3. Venezia

If there’s one thing you can guarantee everyone will love, it’s an Italian! Venezia offers high quality Italian food as well as a delicious range of seafood! Additionally, they offer a truly magnificent dining experience, with staff paying attention to every detail all night long!

4. Bar Iberico

As you’re out as a group, why not indulge in some tapas! From charcuterie boards to the classic tapas dishes, there’s something for everyone here! It’s a full dining experience here, with a dining bar that wraps around the open plan kitchen! Watch as the chefs create the dishes before your very eyes!

5. Bar & Block Steakhouse

Calling all steak lovers! Bar & Block is the perfect steak experience! The grill is always on, and there’s always someone on-hand with expert steak tips and drink pairing recommendations! There’s a cocktail for every occasion here too – after all, we all love a cocktail! There’s even a whole host of nightlife within walking distance, so you can go straight from the restaurant to your night out!

Places to visit on a Nottingham Stag Party

nottingham stag party

1. Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

If you’ve got a few hours to kill between activities and your big night out, why not catch a show! There’s always a range of shows on, so there’ll certainly be something that the whole group can agree on! After all, it’s the perfect activity when you have a few hours free!

2. City of Caves

Did you know that there’s more to Nottingham than meets the eye? Immerse yourselves in the winding passageways of the world that lives below the city! Learn all about the people who found themselves living and working in these extraordinary caves. It’s an experience like no other!

3. Nottingham City Centre

If there’s one thing that a Stag Night needs, it’s nightlife! And the good news is, Nottingham has plenty to offer! Whether you’re looking for a relaxed night with your mates, or you’re looking to really let loose, there’s a whole host of pubs, bars and clubs just waiting for you to explore! What are you waiting for?

So there you have it! Our Ultimate Nottingham Stag Party Guide. Feeling like a bit of a Nottingham expert now? We wouldn’t be surprised! However, if you’re not too sure, or just feel like you’d like a little guidance in booking your Stag Night, you can find our full range of Nottingham Stag Party Activities right here! All you have to do is enquire with your chosen activities and we’ll take it from there!