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hen do packing list

Do I Need a Hen Do Packing List?

We absolutely believe you need a Hen Do Packing List! You don’t want to arrive at your Hen Party only to discover you’ve left half of the essentials at home, do you? If you want to avoid the panic, our Packing List has everything you need, even maybe things you hadn’t thought of yourself! It’s going to be one of the most important and memorable (or unmemorable!) nights of your laugh, so make sure you’ve got everything to avoid spoiling it!

Although, of course, as long as you’ve got your friends nothing else matters, making sure you have everything you need is certainly a plus!

Hen Do Packing List

hen do packing list

1. Clothes & Shoes

Okay, we know this one may seem obvious. But pack as many options as you can! The last thing you want is to arrive, have second thoughts about your outfits only to have no other options! Make sure everything goes together as well, plan your outfits in advance!

2. Emergency Makeup

Again, possibly obvious, but emergency makeup is a must. A small bag to put them in as well wouldn’t go amiss. Do you perhaps want a themed bag just for the occasion? Well, the good news is Amazon have loads! So if you’ve seen this the day before your Hen Party, no problem! Amazon next day delivery has you covered!

3. Deodorant

Okay, so we’re getting the obvious ones out of the way first, clearly. But don’t forget deodorant! Even if it’s just a little travel one. Also, if you’re going abroad, maybe make it a roll-on to avoid any issues at the airport.

4. Perfume

Although everyone likely has a signature perfume that they use, have you considered packing a day and a night perfume? A day perfume is lighter, and a night perfume is stronger and longer-lasting. No matter what your choice is, perfume is a must-have for a Hen Do!

5. Sunglasses

This one mostly applies for a Summer Hen Do, or a Hen Weekend Abroad. Avoid those frown lines from too much squinting by remembering to pack your sunglasses! Plus, they’ll make the photos that little bit better if you’re in the sun!

hen do packing list

6. Phone & Charger

Okay, so it’s probably unlikely that you’ll forget your phone, but make sure you don’t forget your charger! Your phone is your lifeline on a night out, and the last thing you want is to be lost from your group with no phone battery! A portable phone charger wouldn’t go amiss either if you’re going to be out all night!

7. ID

Not only should you bring your ID, but we also recommend bringing a print out of your ID too. You wouldn’t believe how many people lose their IDs on a night out, and you don’t want the night to end there! A back up ID is the perfect solution to keep your night going!

8. Emergency Cash

Of course bringing your bank card is the best way to pay for drinks all night, but emergency cash is also a must-have! Bank cards are very easy to lose, or even get stolen. So bringing a spare £20, even if it’s just for the taxi home is always a good idea!

9. Skincare

Cleanser, toner, makeup remover, moisturiser, all of it! Bring it all. You’re pretty close to the big day, and the last thing you want is a break out!

10. Straighteners

We know what you’re thinking, “but maybe I want to curl my hair!”. Well, this is where we’ve been quite clever. Straighteners can double up as curlers, so you’ll have both options! And if you decide you don’t like the curls, just straighten them out and start over!

11. Accessories

Again, this is where we advise bringing as many options as possible. As many earrings, necklaces and bracelets as you like. It’s all about options!

12. Nail File

We’ve all been there. You’re on a night out, and somehow your nail gets broken and it’s just in the way the whole night. To avoid any sharp nail situations, bring a nail file to deal with the situation there and then!

13. Handbag

Okay so we’ve listed a lot of things to pack. Like, a LOT. And quite a few of them need to be taken with you on your night out. So bringing a handbag to carry it all would be a pretty good idea!

14. Hairbrush

Hairbrushes are essential, but not only do we suggest packing them in your bag, but we also suggest bringing them on your Hen Activities. Especially if your Hen Party falls on a particularly windy day!

15. Tissues

You’re about to get married! It’s an emotional time, and with the likelihood of alcohol involved, the chance of tears is slightly increased. Just in case, bring tissues to avoid any streaky mascara occurrences!

hen do packing list

With that packing list, you should be ready to tackle anything! Want to see some of the activities that you might be packing for and get some Hen Party Ideas? Take a look at our Hen Party page to view our locations and activities to get some inspiration. Our most popular Hen Activities include the following –

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